Frantic shoppers left reeling from Easter egg shortage

Many left empty handed as supplies ran low ahead of Easter Sunday



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6 April 2021

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Some Irish shoppers were left reeling when supermarkets ran out of Easter eggs over the weekend, in what some have dubbed the ‘Great Easter Egg Shortage of 2021’.

It is believed that the Covid-19 lockdown caused an unprecedented demand for Easter eggs this year. Lidl Ireland reported a 99% year-on-year sales increase across its entire egg range, while Tesco Ireland said was a sharp rise in the number of people stocking up on Easter eggs this year.

Disappointed shoppers looking to stock up on Easter eggs took to social media to share their upset after instead being met with empty shelves.

Writing on Easter Sunday, one Twitter user said: “Not an Easter egg to be had in Dingle yesterday or this morning. The Great Easter Egg Shortage of 2021.”

Another unhappy customer wrote: “I know I left it late…but Tesco’s had literally no Easter eggs left today. Not one! I had to get a few bits and bobs at my local shop. Apparently, they had been sold out since Thursday. I was none too please.”

One shopper asked whether “the Great Easter Egg Shortage of 2021 will make it into the Reeling in the Years episode?”

The shortage even led Irish shoppers to sacrifice their own Easter egg hauls. “Can someone tell me why there’s no Easter eggs left in Dublin?” asked one desperate shopper, “I’ve never come across this in my life. I’ve to now give my friends children MY Easter eggs because I was so ill prepared.”

Another Irish woman offered to give her eggs to those without any: “If anyone in the Killarney/ Rathmore area hasn’t got any Easter eggs I have four I can spare… PM me and you can have them. I know there is a shortage. No child should go without an Easter egg.”

However, not everyone was in the generous spirit. Others were more critical of last-minute shoppers and suggested that they should have been better prepared. One Twitter user wrote: “Tbh there has been Easter eggs on the shelf for the last month maybe even 2. If you decide to leave it to the last minute to get your eggs that is the risk that you take in not getting any. They are clearly out of stock due to no substitutions.”



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