FoodCloud launches project to raise awareness of food waste action

Hilton Meats is one of many Irish brands that has teamed up with FoodCloud to reduce food waste

To mark the recent United Nations World Food Day, redistribution charity FoodCloud partnered with its partners in the food industry and other charities, to launch a series of case studies highlighting the importance of redistributing, rather than destroying, unsold food and produce.



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22 October 2019 | 0

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FoodCloud has launched a new initiative calling on Irish manufacturers, suppliers, and farmers to join the growing number of partners in donating their surplus food to charities all over Ireland. FoodCloud currently works with over 150 food donation partners to provide 650 charities all across Ireland with access to quality food that would otherwise go to waste.

According to the UN, 30% of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted across the global food system; this amounts to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes per year or 8% of global emissions. The problem of surplus food is unavoidable: it is absolutely impossible for any business to perfectly match the supply and demand of food. FoodCloud provides an environmentally sensitive, socially responsible and economically viable alternative to food disposal.

FoodCloud CEO Iseult Ward said that as part of the Climate Action Plan, Ireland has committed to reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. “We are delighted that our partners are calling on other food businesses to join us on this journey,” she said, “towards Ireland becoming a leader in the fight against food waste.”

Supported by the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Waste Prevention Programme, FoodCloud and its partners created a series of webfilms demonstrating collaboration throughout Ireland’s supply chain.

Featured companies include Tesco, Lidl and Aldi; plus food producers Nestlé Ireland, Arrabawn Dairies, Hilton Foods and the Meade Potato Company. The films highlight the impact companies have made on the local community by collaborating with FoodCloud and how rewarding the process of food redistribution can be.

Click the links below to view the short films.

Sustainability in Action: From Field to Fork (Lidl / Meade)

Supporting a Sustainable Social Enterprise (Nestle Ireland)

Supply Chain Partnerships: Local Links, National Impact (Aldi / Arrabawn)

No Time for Waste: Every Step of the Supply Chain (Tesco / Hilton Meats)

FoodCloud: Transforming Surplus into Opportunity (FoodCloud)





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