Dunnes records highest beer sales, followed by SuperValu and Tesco: Reep

New figures indicate that production of beer by microbreweries grew by 32% by volume in 2013 and is set to grow by at least 45% in 2014

Extensive new research into the beer sector by Reep reveals the extent to which beer brand sales vary at each retailer and consumers' preference for in-house beers at Lidl and Aldi



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29 February 2016

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Reep, the data and insights business, has just concluded a six-month study of the Irish beer market across the top five retailers.

Between August 2015 and January 2016, Reep surveyed the shopping behaviour of 2,479 customers with respect to beer. These customers purchased at least one item from the stout, lager and ale subcategories on a total 11,062 shopping trips.

Dunnes leads the way

Reep found that Dunnes was the largest beer retailer in the period in terms of sales, with a 30.9% market share. This was followed by Supervalu and Tesco with 25.8% and 25.0% respectively.

Total sales by beer brand across the five retailers between August 2015 and January 2016 put Budweiser in pole position with a 15.5% market share, followed by Heineken at 14.8%. In total, the 10 most popular beer brands represented 78.8% of total beer sales across Ireland’s five principal supermarket retailers. This list comprises the typical high profile marques, save the inclusion of one notable exception, Galahad. This lager, sold exclusively by Aldi, ranked seventh most popular in terms of total sales, with a 4.9% market share.

Brand sales at each retailer

Sales of particular beer brands varied considerably by retailer. While Heineken was the most popular brand by percentage of sales at both Supervalu and Tesco, it was only fourth choice with Dunnes shoppers, who showed a clear preference for Budweiser. Canadian beer, Molson made the top 10 brands largely thanks to a strong performance in terms of sales at Tesco, whereas Miller fared well because of strong sales at Dunnes.

Discounter sales

The high profile beer brands fared less well at the discount supermarkets, where customers displayed a clear preference for in-house beers like Aldi’s Galahad and Lidl’s Excelsior. The discounters’ respective Pils offerings also did well. It is further worth noting that Budweiser was the only beer to rank in the top five in terms of sales at both Aldi and Lidl.

Reep found that the data was relatively consistent month on month, though interestingly there was a notable spike in big brand beer sales of the over the Christmas period, to the detriment of the market share of the discounters’ own beers. However, in the weeks since this trend has reverted back.

Drilling deeper

Commenting on the findings, Reep’s Director of Insight, Jonathan O’Grady said, “The breath of Reep’s data offers a level of market detail heretofore unseen. The strong performance of the discounters’ own beers, for example, will undoubtedly come as a surprise to some. We continue to uncover deeper insights as we drill into the dataset further. This is something we look forward to sharing with ShelfLife in the months ahead.”



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