Drones and data analytics drive logistics and transport trends

Assisted deliveries expected to radically change the economics of the last mile



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18 May 2018

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The application of data analytics and integration with enterprise applications, as well as assisted delivery, are expected to significantly change the warehousing, distribution, logistics and transport sectors in the short term.

The increasing levels of instrumentation across all aspects of infrastructure are providing a rich level of data from which to derive intelligence to boost efficiency and allow integration with enterprise applications for greater immediacy and visibility of information.

According to M Grazia Speranza in the “Trends in Transportation” report from Science Direct, Operational Research (OR) is now available to support decision making.

“After the first optimisation models were developed, OR has substantially contributed in making transportation systems efficient and companies with complex transportation and logistics problems competitive,” Speranza said. “Over the years, technology has evolved and the same has done [for] OR.”

Assisted delivery too is expected to dramatically reduce the most expensive part of delivery, the last mile.

Assisted delivery includes drones, but also robots that can navigate urban environments. Starship Technologies has pioneered such developments, with trials in many European cities, including London. Small retail and food deliveries have been made with small, walking-speed robots that 3D map is they go, but with the ability for an operator to take over when necessary.

However, all of these technologies rely on a strong underlying foundation of systems and technologies. To gauge the Irish landscape for the transport, logistics, warehousing, and maritime sectors, TechBeat, in association with Prog-It, is looking for your insights and experiences with the technologies that support these operations in Ireland.

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