Dairy price wars in UK and France

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Price cutting by supermarkets and dairy manufacturers has milk producers up in arms in France and the UK


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11 September 2008 | 0

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Dairy producers in the UK and France are threatening ‘milk wars’ following the announcement of further price cuts by supermarkets and cheese-makers in their respective countries. Tesco kicked off a bout of “ruthless discounting” on milk prices, says Gwyn Jones, chairman of the National Farmers Union dairy board, while French emmental-maker, Entremont, has announced lower increases for milk than expected, which has been slammed as tantamount to “robbing”, according to the president of the Organisation of Milk Producers, Jean-Louis Naveau. Farmers in both countries have displayed anger at the action taken and are demanding contracts to protect their industry. “We will not lie in wait for the inevitable margin slashing that we still bear the scars of,” said Gwyn Jones.



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