Creme Egg hunting season is back!

The White Cadbury Creme Egg is out there somewhere!`
The White Cadbury Creme Egg is out there somewhere!

It's almost spring time, meaning "Creme Egg Hunting Season" is back - the welcome return of everybody's favourite gooey chocolate egg!


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5 February 2019

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As Easter approaches, the Creme Egg has enjoyed its annual relaunch, along with the White Cadbury Creme Egg, which returns for a second year with a special egg hunt in stores nationwide.

Along with the iconic milk chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg, these elusive white chocolate goodies will be up for grabs every single day camouflaged as a classic Cadbury Creme Egg. Seasoned Cadbury Creme Egg hunters will be able to track down the limited edition white chocolate version in participating retailers across Ireland with a chance of winning up to €10,000. The promotion will run until 21 April 2019.

There are 111 winning eggs to be found in stores so those looking to hunt down the iconic egg should get out there before they’re goo-ne! For more information, visit and join in on the conversation @CadburyIreland.

This year, joining the Creme Egg family, is also the new Oreo Egg, available in limited stores now. It has the same delicious thick chocolate shell as the original Creme Egg, and it’s filled with Oreo’s signature creamy filling and crunchy biscuit chunks.




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