Cadbury Dairy Milk is Ireland’s number one confectionery brand bought by over 60% of the Irish population
Cadbury Dairy Milk is Ireland’s number one confectionery brand bought by over 60% of the Irish population

It seems the high-pressure lifestyles of modern consumers still have them reaching for the comfort of sweet treats, although nowadays their guilty consciences are leading them in a healthier direction.


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19 August 2008

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  • The confectionary segment of Ireland’s FMCG market is worth in excess of €625 million, sugar confectionary accounting for approx 13%
  • Ireland has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world, with Irish consumers eating 11.2kg of chocolate confectionery each year
  • Ireland’s chocolate market is valued at approx E544 million, making it the twelfth biggest in Europe and the UK’s biggest export market


THE CONFECTIONERY SEGMENT of Ireland’s FMCG market is worth in excess of €625 million (sugar confectionary accounting for approx 13%). Mirroring trends across the food industry, a major growth area for the sector going forward is healthy confectionary, spurred on by increasing healthy eating trends and high levels of disposable income. According to a report by GIA (Global Industry Analysts) promotion remains the best way to boost sales of healthy products.

Recent research by chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut indicates that regular chocolate-eaters would like to see wider availability of different kinds of cocoa products, including different flavours and types of chocolate. Consumers are also now showing greater interest in premium products, such as ‘origin’ chocolate, which is very much in line with premiumising trends in other sectors. According to a report by Food from Britain, Ireland has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world, with Irish chocaholics eating their way through 11.2kg of chocolate confectionery each year. Ireland’s chocolate market is valued at approx €544 million, making it the twelfth biggest in Europe and the UK’s biggest export market.

Dark secrets

The rise in interest in health and wellness has also spelt good news for dark chocolate, whose antioxidant-rich health credentials drove an upward shift in sales in 2007. Innovative products such as pomegranate dark chocolate and chocolate-covered berries are helping to further harness the healthful trend within this sector.

However, consumers are also increasingly exhibiting a tendency towards more luxurious products, spending more on individual purchases than before. In its market report, analyst Mintel International said that although, in general, consumers are cutting back on chocolate consumption, sales from 2005 to 2007 actually saw a 10% increase in value.

Mintel forecasts that the strong growth will continue this year, with an expected 5% increase in 2008 alone and 17% growth increase globally in the five years to 2013. Driving this growth will be continued innovative product development, making use of nutritional ingredients such as alpha-linolenic acid-containing flax seeds and omega-3 fatty acids.

Fresh Irish milk creates taste sensation

Cadbury Dairy Milk is Ireland’s number one confectionery brand bought by over 60% of the Irish population

Cadbury Dairy Milk, first introduced in 1905, has been Ireland’s favourite chocolate for over 75 years. Bought by over 60% of the Irish population, Cadbury Dairy Milk is Ireland’s number one confectionery brand and is ninth in the AC Nielsen Top 100 brands. The Dairy Milk brand is worth a massive €55.7m (AC Nielsen) and continues to grow.

Available in impulse and take home formats, with nine great recipes to choose from, the variety and taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk has guaranteed its enjoyment by generations of Irish people and ensured its on-going success. Cadbury Dairy Milk is unique in being the only chocolate brand to use fresh Irish milk in its recipes.

A full glass and a half is added to every family bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk with 22 million gallons of milk supplied to its factory in Rathmore, Co. Kerry each year. This unique use of fresh Irish milk is undoubtedly a major factor in creating the familiar taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk. As is the continued sourcing of the Ghanainan beans, which in turn secure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of cocoa farmers and their communities throughout Ghana and beyond.

Cadbury Dairy Milk receives constant advertising support, with Glass And a Half Full productions showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative advertising of the past year. Recent advertisements have won the hearts of consumers and garnered worldwide critical acclaim. Together with this advertising support Cadbury Dairy Milk offers impactful range promotions to consumers throughout the year.

Watch out over the coming weeks as Cadbury Dairy Milk offers consumers and retailers more tasty moments of pleasure with another exciting Dairy Milk campaign.

A distinctive twist

Twisted is a new chocolate bar from Cadbury, which is advertised with a distinctive twist as ‘delivering on the crème egg full-on goo’ experience. The launch of crème egg twisted means that the brand will now be available in a convenient on the go format.

The new Twisted bar offers the iconic crème egg brand in a convenient on the go format

The crème egg brand is an icon in the confectionary category, injecting presence, personality and impact to the chocolate occasion. it is a distinctive brand with a youthful persona, and with broad consumer and shopper appeal.

Twisted is a fun, unisex brand.  The target consumer is 25-44 year olds with a slight male over index, however the crème egg brand has broad appeal and twisted will follow suit.

Promotions cement brand popularity

Mars Ireland, manufacturer of some of the most popular confectionery brands in Ireland has had another successful year. The Mars Funsize range offers a smarter choice for health-conscious consumers who want a chocolate treat – each bar has fewer than 100 calories, contains less artificial ingredients, and has less saturated fats while still offering a great taste. To ensure consumers have all the information they need when choosing treats, the Mars Funsize brands now come with on pack flash messaging featuring the reduced calorie content as well as Guideline Daily Amount information.

In the bitesize category, Maltesers remains one of the fastest growing confectionery brands. Performing well in all pack formats, it remains the number one cinema brand in Ireland. Supported by on-going cinema and movie link promotions,

Maltesers recently sponsored the hit movie Mamma Mia, involving television advertising and sponsorship of the Dublin premiere. Mars Ireland’s flagship youth brand, M&M’s is worth over €5m. P

With less than 100 calories per bar, The Mars Funsize range is a sweet treat for health-conscious consumers

eanut, chocolate and crispy variants are all ideal for sharing with friends. M&M’s have teamed up with EA Games this season to promote M&M’s association with social gaming. Mars Ireland are heavily promoting this association through outdoor advertising, radio promotion, on pack and an exclusive website,

Relaunched last year, with a new creamier recipe and stylish new shape, the Galaxy brand has performed extremely well this year.  Galaxy was official partner to the eagerly anticipated Sex and The City movie and the association was supported through an extensive PR and advertising campaign, including on pack promotions, point of sale and a VIP screening.

In the filled bars category, Mars Ireland’s flagship brand, the Mars bar, worth almost €10m, remains the number one filled bar in Ireland and is firmly established as an iconic global brand. Top selling chocolate brand Snickers relaunched its popular ‘Get Some Nuts’ campaign featuring TV legend, Mr T. earlier this year and deservedly retained its best-seller bar status throughout 2007. It continued to drive strong growth in the Irish filled bar category, with +6% value gains year on year (ACN MAT June 08). Both brands are consistently supported with integrated communication programmes that include heavyweight TV and outdoor advertising, comprehensive in-store promotional programmes and strong PR activity.

Luxury bars created with passion

Shortlisted for a Gold Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers in the UK, Lily O’Brien’s signature recipe Honeycomb Crisp bar has been well received since its April launch.

Having launched a range of luxury bars in 35g and 80g formats at the beginning of 2008, Lily O’Brien’s, one of Ireland’s leading luxury chocolate companies, continues to drive sales through ongoing promotional and marketing activity. 

Shortlisted for a Gold Great Taste Award by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers in the UK, the company’s signature recipe Honeycomb Crisp bar has been very well received across the market since its April launch.

The uniquely packaged bars have achieved remarkable sales in the fiercely competitive impulse category, with variants including Sticky Toffee, Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and of course Honeycomb Crisp. Lily O’Brien’s products are distributed nationwide by Tennant & Ruttle.

Luxury confectioners present strong visual appeal

Butlers Chocolates, purveyors of happiness since 1932, continue to drive sales of luxury chocolates through innovative product development, as demonstrated by their newly designed assortments and the launch of a new take home ice cream range.

Butlers Chocolate Collection contains a selection of alcohol free chocolate truffles and pralines. Presented in stylish packaging featuring a luxury lid and base with descriptive wraparound and chocolate swirl ribbon, Butlers Chocolate Collection is a stock item with a strong visual appeal. The collection is available in two sizes, 180g and 400g and retails at €10.50 and €19.00. Butlers Chocolate Selection Ballotin replaces Butlers Café Selection.

Butlers Chocolate Collection has strong shelf appeal

The new assortment features a sumptuous alcohol free selection of luxury truffles and pralines giftwrapped in parchment paper with a sand dune ribbon and matching tag. Butlers Chocolate Selection range offers the ultimate in chocolate indulgence. Butlers 185g, 370g and 555g Chocolate Selection suggested retail prices are; €9.79, €15.79 and €20.99 respectively.

Butlers Chocolate Cubes (200g) also feature the attractive chocolate swirl design with illustrative wraparound. The cubes are available in three flavours; creamy milk chocolate caramels, indulgent dark chocolate mint truffle and sumptuous milk chocolate hazelnut praline. Recommended retail price is €6.75.

In addition, Butlers ever popular 100g Organic Chocolate bar range (Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Crispy Orange Pieces, 70% Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate with Raspberry Pieces) has been joined by two new special dark chocolate varieties; 70% Dark Chocolate with Mint pieces and 70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger pieces. Butlers 100g Organic bars retail for €2.95 and are supplied in contemporary shelf ready packaging for easy point of sale display.

Butlers 100g Organic Chocolate bar range comes in shelf ready packaging for easy point of sale display

Butlers Chocolate Café Ice Cream is a new range to be enjoyed at home. The 850ml  range is available in three flavours; Double Chocolate with Chocolate Truffle Sauce, Vanilla Nut Crunch with Chocolate Coated Honeycomb and Bourbon Vanilla. Priced at just €6.99, it represents good value for money too. It’s currently stocked selected SuperQuinn, Tesco, Donnybrook Fair, Morton’s of Ranelagh and specially selected stockists.

Butlers Chocolates, along with Butlers Chocolate Café Ice Cream are distributed throughout Ireland by Richmond Marketing.

‘Sensing’ a trade winner

Nestlé’s number one KitKat brand launched KitKat Senses in April. The new KitKat Senses bar is a combination of light crispy wafer, hazelnut praline centres and smooth milk chocolate.  Each bar is made up of five pieces – ideal for portion control – and has a RRP of 72c.

Both the KitKat brand and snack confectionery have traditionally attracted more male consumers and KitKat Senses seeks to redress the balance.  But while the target core audience of women aged 20 plus, wants something indulgent, they’re also keen not to compromise the effort they’ve made to eat healthily throughout the rest of the day. So with only 165 calories per bar, KitKat Senses is on trend, as a perfect example of more permissible confectionery.

KitKat Senses is supported by an integrated heavyweight media campaign throughout 2008, which includes new TV advertising, major magazine advertising, & PR. The launch of KitKat Senses comes on the back of a successful year for the KitKat brand, with sales value up 15% in 2007. KitKat Dark and KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter were also successfully launched, supported by heavyweight consumer communication (over E1m media spend in 2007). 



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