Coeliac Society of Ireland launches awareness week from 10-14 May 2021

Promise Gluten Free, which last year sent out free gluten-free treats to coeliac sufferers, is sponsoring the event

The event will look at the impact that a year of pandemic lockdowns has had on both the physical and mental wellbeing of 50,000 coeliac sufferers in Ireland



27 April 2021

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Mental health and wellbeing will be on the menu – alongside all manner of gluten free goodies – at this year’s Coeliac Awareness Week 2021, from 10-14 May.

Sponsored by Promise Gluten Free, this year’s event will focus on the impact that a year of coronavirus pandemic lockdowns has had on both the physical and mental wellbeing of 50,000 coeliac sufferers in Ireland.

Coeliac Awareness Week 2021 will be a five-day virtual event with a range of talks, health clinics, demonstrations and activities. A mindfulness seminar and talks from a psychologist and a sleep expert will help attendees identify the mental health indicators that so many people miss or ignore, while also providing advice and insight into how to balance their mental wellbeing.

There will also be advice from the nutritional experts, dietetic consultations, cooking demonstrations by leading chefs, and fun activities for younger members of the family.

“The last year has been a challenge for everyone and this year’s Coeliac Awareness Week, which is kindly supported by Promise Gluten Free, is designed to support Ireland’s coeliac and gluten-free community with a mix of fun and educational events for all the family,” said Coeliac Society CEO Gill Brennan.

“However, based on feedback from our members, this year we also wanted to address some of the psychological effects of the coronavirus and lockdowns, as well as discuss potential coping strategies to deal with living with coeliac disease and severe gluten intolerance,” Brennan added.

The events planned over the week include educational talks with professional nutritionist Sarah Keogh, psychologist Mary Borton, sleep expert Tom Coleman, as well as fun activities for kids, a cooking demonstration with chef Tony Dempsey of the Bay Tree Restaurant, Teaching Wellness through laughter with Louise Burchall and more.

Mary Horkan, senior marketing manager of Promise Gluten Free bakery said the company is passionate about “balancing nutrition with physical and mental health”.

“So we’re delighted to sponsor Coeliac Awareness Week once again,” Horkan said, “and we look forward to a fantastic schedule of fun and invigorating events that will allow us to come together virtually to gain invaluable insights into improving our health and wellbeing.”

Coeliac Awareness week runs from 10 14 May. Register your interest at



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