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There will be amazing value on cans and two litre packs this Christmas across 7Up, 7Up Free, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Club Orange
There will be amazing value on cans and two litre packs this Christmas across 7Up, 7Up Free, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Club Orange

Soft drinks are crucial to the at-home entertaining occasion at Christmas, and carbonates remains the biggest segment within the over all category


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16 November 2009

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There will be amazing value on cans and two litre packs this Christmas across 7Up, 7Up Free, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Club Orange

There will be amazing value on cans and two litre packs this Christmas across 7Up, 7Up Free, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Club Orange

Soft drinks is a key category during the Christmas period and annually generates sales of €700 million. According to Beverage Council of Ireland (Fruit Juice Producers) fruit juices are well positioned to capitalise on parents’ need for healthier products for their families, and have subsequently developed substantial sales growth on the ‘five a day’ platform.

Other soft drinks have also responded to consumer demand for healthier variants of their favourite refreshments, while the sport, energy and functional segment continues to grow. Finally, bottled water is another winner in the sector and remains a key component in meeting the need for healthy hydration. New flavoured water varieties are creating growth and adding excitement to the water category.


Appletiser is a unique proposition as a premium sparkling juice in the Irish soft drinks market. It is the ideal alternative to alcohol for the Christmas season. Not only does it look stylish on the dining table, it is also delicious and has natural ‘good for you’ credentials. Counted as one of the recommended five-a-day, Appletiser is preservative, colourant and additive-free. Its colour is natural as it is 100% juice with light carbonation. The sugar in Appletiser is also natural and comes only from the apples, making it low GI.

Appletiser has won International Taste Awards from chefs and sommeliers at the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), and is a perfect accompaniment with food as apple naturally clears the pallet.

It is available in a variety of pack formats, including 275ml glass bottle, 330ml can and 750ml glass bottle. For further information phone 1890 262 226.

Also available from CCBI, Deep RiverRock represents 11.2% volume share of the water market in Ireland and its value share has risen from 13.9% to 14.4% over the past year (AC Nielsen MAT WE 06 SEPT 09). Deep RiverRock has recently introduced a new 6×1.5L Still Water Multi-pack livery. The pack was designed to offer consumers a value offering in the take-home water market. At the top of the pack, clear panels provide purity cues and excellent product visibility. The dynamic splash and healthy active lifestyle imagery make the pack stand out on-shelf.

Deep RiverRock sparkling water is available in two litre and 2x2L take-home packs, which are a perfect offering at all Christmas party tables. In the convenience sector, Deep RiverRock Sparkling water is available in a stylish 500ml impulse bottle, and it is also available in a take-home two litre bottle.


This year 7Up marks seven years of its highly successful sponsorship of 7Up Christmas on Ice. To celebrate, the event is expanding to take place in all four provinces, including new venues in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Letterkenny. This activity will also be supported on-pack for the first time, offering consumers the chance to win tickets to 7Up Christmas on Ice every hour over the Christmas period.

Ireland’s favourite lemon and lime drink is also offering amazing value on cans and two litre packs this Christmas, with great deals across 7Up, 7Up Free, Pepsi, Pepsi Max and Club Orange allowing consumers to make significant savings on their choice of favourite brands. The value campaign will be supported by a nationwide advertising campaign on purchase points and trolley handles, ensuring that it’s an offer not to be missed.

Pepsi products continue to offer consumers outstanding value all year round and Christmas time is no different. Pepsi is setting the trend this Christmas, offering consumers extra savings as they prepare for the festive season with the special low price of €1.35 per two litre bottle.

Pepsi Max continues to communicate with its key audience in fresh and innovative ways. This year the brand was seen at Top Gear Live with a “Pepsi Max Lads Pad,” the ultimate in brand experiences, offering Pepsi fans a space to relax at the event and sample some product. Pepsi Max also continues to support its in-store promotions with engaging online competitions and cutting edge advertising campaigns.

Cidona is the number one apple soft drink

Cidona is the number one apple soft drink


Its distinctive juicy bits and fresh taste have made Club Orange one of the best-loved soft drinks in Ireland for generations. As the number one orange soft drink in Ireland (AC Nielsen Total Scantrack ROI MAT Oct 4th 2009), Club is constantly offering great value to consumers and will continue to do so during this festive season with its ‘Amazing Low Value’ store offers. Club puts the success of its famous orange drink down to superior product quality, and it continues to invest strongly in the soft drinks category. Club has an extensive product range, including: Orange, Lemon, Rock Shandy and Apple. Most recently, Club two litre was re-launched in a more environmentally friendly, high impact bottle.

Cidona is a unique Irish brand and the number one apple soft drink. A real taste of summer, Cidona continues to hold a place in Irish consumers’ hearts. Sparkling and fresh, with its unique “appleness” Cidona has been a firm staple on the Irish pub scene since 1955, appealing to those who prefer a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot range is available in a variety of flavours including the best-selling Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant. The brand recently improved the taste and introduced new flavours, in order to maintain interest among young consumers. In addition, Fruit Shoot is free from artificial colours and flavours and the full range is low in sugar, which appeals to health-conscious parents.

The Fruit Shoot range comes in individual serving sizes and offers a drink for every occasion, including H2O Spring Water and Fruit Shoot Juice Drinks. Fruit Shoot H2O Spring Waters are sugar-free and free from artificial colours and flavours. Available in three flavours, they’re an easy and tasty way to ensure kids enjoy drinking water and keep hydrated. And because they’re handily packaged in an easy-squeezy sports bottle, they’re ideal for helping to keep active kids hydrated after sport, play and when they’re on-the-go.

Fruit Shoot is available in newly designed packaging with non-spill sports caps, which makes them perfect for kids out and about over the Christmas holidays, and of course, for kids’ lunchboxes as they head back to school in January.

Offering a combination of high quality branded products at a great value price, squash is a category set to grow during the recession. In the past year alone consumption has grown at a rate of 7% (AC Nielsen MAT Sept 09) and the trend for growth continues.

Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on this family favourite and Britvic Ireland, owner of the two market leading brands Miwadi and Robinsons, have strong plans in place to drive further growth at this important time. Based on insight that squash consumption is highly expandable, the Christmas promotional programme is based around large pack sizes.  

Miwadi is offering unbeatable value with a 100% extra free pack in both Orange NAS (No Added Sugar) and Blackcurrant NAS, while Robinsons has a pantomime theme on all packaging and is offering 50% extra free, with three litres for the price of two. Flashed packs across the entire range, a POS suite and PR programme will drive consumers to the website which gives tips for children and families to have fun together putting on their own performances at home.

The green Monster claw is instantly recognisable and becoming the signpost to the energy section of the fridge

The green Monster claw is instantly recognisable and becoming the signpost to the energy section of the fridge


Since its launch in Ireland just a year ago, Monster Energy continues to drive the energy category. As the biggest selling energy drink in the USA, Monster Energy brings new consumers to energy drinks through innovation, exciting packaging and new flavours.

Distributed nationwide by Gleesons, Monster Energy has a different approach to merchandising and sampling, as the green Monster claw is instantly recognisable to its target audience and is becoming the signpost to the energy section of the fridge.
Monster has always been connected with winners and none more so than this year when two of its sponsored athletes were crowned champions. Both Jensen Button in Formula 1 and Valentino Rossi in MotoGP won their drivers championship, celebrating with a can of Monster.


Shloer, Ireland’s best-selling adult soft drink brand, leader in the €2.4 million adult soft drinks category (Nielsen Scantrack Defined Adult Soft Drinks, Republic of Ireland, Value MAT to 17.5.09), is gearing up for a bumper Christmas with the launch of a new bottle label design and the addition of a new sparkling rosé product that will be introduced from early November.  

A range of tailor-made promotions will support the launch, and Shloer is also linking up with the on-line DVD rental service to offer a money-off coupon. The ScreenClick activity goes live with a newsletter being sent to 75,000 consumers on ScreenClick’s database. 10,000 vouchers offering €1 off a bottle of Shloer will also be distributed with Rom Com (Romantic Comedy) DVDs, and a banner ad will run on the Rom Com section of ScreenClick’s website, giving Shloer drinkers the chance to win one of five boxed DVD sets.

Shloer’s new label design is clean, stylish and clearly differentiates each of the flavours in the range, which includes: White/Red Grape; White Grape, Raspberry & Cranberry; Apple & White Grape; and new Rosé, among others. The fact that Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings is also highlighted on the front neck label.

The new Rosé variant has been launched following market research which revealed that consumers see Shloer as being unique in fulfilling a very different role to other adult soft drinks. Amanda Grabham, marketing communications controller for Shloer, explains: “The fact that Shloer is grape-based sets it apart from its competitors and further reinforces the wine-alternative connection in consumers’ minds.”

In the lead up to the peak sales period of the year, Shloer is also being supported with special Christmas promotional deals and free point-of-sale materials.


Tipperary Natural Mineral Water has once again proven to be gold standard water, winning two gold medals at this year’s prestige British Bottles Institute Awards in London. Winning gold medals in both the still and sparkling mineral water category, Tipperary Natural Mineral Water is the only choice for consumers looking for a quality, premium, Irish water.

The new flip top is not only innovative but more environmentally friendly

The new flip top is not only innovative but more environmentally friendly

At the beginning of 2009, seven-time Gold Medal winning Tipperary Natural Mineral Water launched the ‘My Bottle’ campaign, highlighting the huge range that offers bottle size and formats for all consumers and occasions. Tipperary Natural Mineral Water has recently launched the new flip top cap for the 500ml Tipp Active range. The bottle top is not only innovative but more environmentally friendly. The Tipp Active 500ml range includes an 8 x 500ml pack flashed at €4.99; the packs come in easy to use display boxes. In addition to this, Tipp Active has just launched the 50% Extra Free bottle, offering consumers a 750ml bottle of water for the price of a 500ml.  

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water has also recently expanded the hugely successful 1.5L pack offering. Originally available in a 4 x 1.5L pack flashed at €3.00, the complementary 6 x 1.5L pack flashed at €4.49 is proving to be a clear consumer favourite. Tipperary two litre bottle is also now available in a price flashed bottle, offering consumers a single bottle for €1.

Also available from Gleeson Group, Boost has been a proven success for retailers. Now ranked within the top five sports and energy drinks, Boost is a must-stock item for any occasion. In addition to the standard product, Boost is now available in price-flashed packaging. Boost continues to offer an excellent profit margin in an increasingly competitive sector. The 250ml can is now available price-flashed at €0.99, the 500ml resealable bottle is price-flashed at €1.49, while the one litre resealable bottle is price-flashed at €1.99. “With a thirst for profit, Boost works harder for your business. Boost is the great value energy drink that customers will never tire of,” says Gleeson.

Finally, Finches has long been a family favourite and this Christmas is offering consumers and retailers even better value with the two litre twin-pack price-flashed at €2.50. The great value is available for Orange, Orange Light and Rock Shandy.  

Finches 1.5L mixers also offer fantastic value for consumers. Being a half litre larger than other mixers, they are great for any time of the year and are at a great price: available in Tonic, Tonic Light, Soda Water, Ginger Ale and White Lemonade.

This Christmas also sees the launch of the new Finches 250ml resealable mixer, which comes in packs of 12. This is perfect choice for the busy party season, with the resealable bottle containing approx two standard size servings. Available in Tonic and Tonic Light, this will be a must stock item for the festive season.

The continued success of Finches 500ml highlights consumer desire for quality Irish products. Available in Orange, Orange Light, Rock Shandy and Lemon and now Orange price flashed at 99c.

Red Bull’s entry into the shot category will grow its consumer base

Red Bull’s entry into the shot category will grow its consumer base


Beginning this October, the number one energy drink brand will expand its energy options with Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot. Red Bull’s entry into the shot category will grow its consumer base by introducing a premium shot from a trusted brand. Red Bull Energy Shot will engage new consumers, create new consumption occasions for Red Bull and deliver incremental business. Red Bull Energy Shot comes in re-sealable 60ml bottles that don’t need to be refrigerated, making them your on-the-go source of energy anytime, anywhere.

Red Bull Energy Shots are concentrated, non-carbonated versions of Red Bull Energy Drink, in premium packaging that mirrors Red Bull Energy Drink, with the same taste. They are perfect for when you need an energy boost quickly, such as before a workout, in the middle of a meeting, or while on the road.

Red Bull Energy Shot has 27 calories and Red Bull Sugarfree Shot has 2 calories, each with 80mg of caffeine, and available nationwide from October 2009. For more information visit


Sqeez, the leading brand of ambient fruit juice in the Irish grocery market, has tapped into the consumer desire for cash saving options and the need for value without compromise. The one litre Sqeez orange and apple pure juices are now at a new lower price and carry a special ‘money saver’ mark.  These money saver packs are now available nationwide and on an ongoing basis.

To support the move Sqeez will be running significant above the line communications. This campaign is in addition to the current Sqeez “Love Every Drop” TV campaign, which serves to strengthen brand awareness and re-enforce the Sqeez quality message amongst consumers.

Sqeez is also proud to support Love Irish Food, an initiative led by Irish manufacturing brands which promotes Irish manufactured food & drinks brands in the Republic of Ireland. 

Questions and answers with…

Kevin Donnelly

Marketing director, Britvic Ireland

What has been the most important development within soft drinks this year?
The consumer shift to value as the recession fundamentally changes shopping behaviour. More of the category volume is being purchased on promotion. Big brands such as 7Up, Club and Miwadi are performing well by offering great value packs and promoting more frequently. Challenger brands such as Pepsi are in strong growth as they offer compelling value across key pack formats. The recession is also impacting on the channel mix, with discounters growing strongly and with the convenience sector and the licensed trade under pressure.

How can retailers maximize opportunities within soft drinks at Christmas?
The soft drinks category benefits from expandable consumption. In other words, the more soft drinks brought into a household, the more will be consumed, as opposed to mere stocking up. So for retailers, pushing through extra volume of soft drinks at Christmas time will grow the category. Retailers can maximize opportunities within soft drinks this Christmas by giving feature and display to key promotional packs and ensuring that sufficient space is given to top sellers.

How has Britvic responded to changing consumer needs?
Britvic has responded to changing consumer needs and shopping behaviour in a proactive and highly effective way. We have really stepped up our game promotionally, delivering deeper and more frequent offers across all channels. We are offering outstanding value on leading brands with Ballygowan, 7Up, Club and Pepsi all delivering best ever value for Christmas. Strong brand leaders such as Miwadi have launched new value packs (100% Extra Free).We are also investing in new display equipment and in merchandising units which are easier to handle for retailers, more space-efficient and more impactful.

What was Britvic’s most successful marketing initiative this year?

7Up Moher Man and Seven Natural Wonders. This was a fully integrated above and below-the-line initiative that really connected with consumers, especially with the youth market. 7Up is a massive brand with Ireland leading the world in per capita consumption. The campaign, which included a strong digital platform, generated huge sales uplifts and unprecedented traffic to the 7Up website. Not to mention catapulting the Cliffs of Moher into the final global shortlist for the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World. We really appreciate all our retail and licensed customers who gave this initiative tremendous support.

Is Britvic feeling positive about 2010?
Yes we are feeling positive. Of course the trading environment will be challenging, but whilst we cannot control the environment we are in charge of our response to it. We have talented people who are motivated to succeed, powerful brands that are loved by consumers and working closely with our retail and licensed partners we are determined to deliver a winning performance.

Questions and answers with…

Michelle Corbett

Commercial marketing manager beverages, Batchelors

What has been the most important development within soft drinks this year?
The soft drinks category has witnessed a similar trend as many other categories this year, where the absolute retail prices have moved downward, as businesses strive to offer better value to consumers. This is materialising in the water and smoothie categories and in the chilled and ambient juice categories.

How can retailers maximise opportunities within soft drinks at Christmas?
The festive season is traditionally a time when soft drinks, mixers and juices play a significant role. Retailers should give consumers options and display their ranges to suggest the many ways to use soft drinks. This is especially true when it comes to juices for cocktails, mixing with spirits or as the tasty non-alcoholic option. The Sqeez portfolio contains a range of delicious fruit juices, including Pineapple, Cranberry, Wild Blueberry and exotic Superjuice, a blend of yumberry, pomegranate and red grape. Also think about the not so obvious opportunities, like the morning after the Christmas parties when products like Sqeez multivitamin packed with 11 vitamins can help to get people back in tip top form.

Don’t forget the little ones either; individual cartons of juice are great to have at home for kids. Also, Sqeez’s recent partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where a donation per pack sold goes to the charity, helps to grant the wishes of children living with life threatening illness.

How has Sqeez responded to changing consumer needs?

Sqeez tapped into the consumer desire for value without compromise. In order to pass on significant savings to customers, Sqeez has brought forward its fruit juice contracts at a reduced price, benefitting from weak dollar prices and significantly reduced commodity prices over the past 12 months. The one litre packs of Sqeez orange and apple juices have been reduced by up to one third and will carry the special ‘money saver’ mark. These money saver packs are available in supermarkets nationwide on an ongoing basis. Off take for retailers has increased by up to 250% as a result of this price down, especially where retailers have increased shelf space to keep pace with demand.

What was Sqeez’s most successful marketing initiative recently?

In May 2008 the newly launched ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign demonstrated a repositioning for the Sqeez brand. The TV ad symbolises the simplicity, purity and quality of Sqeez Pure Orange Juice. Accompanied with a website refresh, activation of a Facebook fan page and a sassy viral ad, this new direction for the Sqeez brand is proving quite a success.

Is Batchelors feeling positive about 2010?

Batchelors are gearing up to continue to drive forward the business throughout 2010. Celebrating 75 years in Ireland next year, the company attributes its ongoing success to a number of factors including continued commitment to quality, continual investment, marketing initiatives, and new product innovation.




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