Celebrity tattoo artist inks new design for Kenco Coffee Vs Gangs

Celebrity tattoo artist Cally-Jo Pothecary, who recently revealed the original design she inked to celebrate the second year of Kenco's Coffee Vs Gangs campaign

Kenco hopes stunning new design 'will drive awareness for Coffee Vs Gangs here in Ireland and demonstrate how coffee lovers can make a positive difference with every cup of coffee they drink'


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29 June 2016

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Celebrity tattoo artist and fine art specialist, Cally-Jo Pothecary flew into Dublin last week to reveal the original design she created to celebrate the launch of Coffee Vs Gangs, Kenco’s hard-hitting campaign that aims to encourage young people to choose coffee farming over gangs.

Despite its reputation as one of the world’s finest coffee producers, Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is known for its dangerous street gangs – many who lure young Hondurans into a life of crime from an early age. As Honduras’ biggest coffee exporter, Kenco is investing back into local communities to sustain coffee farming culture and give young Hondurans a safe future outside of gangs. This is the second year of the programme; last year 20 people graduated from Coffee Vs Gangs and are now successfully pursuing careers in coffee farming and other related industries.

The art of Coffee Vs Gangs

Gang tattoos are symbolic of a life of crime in Honduras, with gang members using special tattoo symbols to identify their allegiance to certain gangs. Kenco Ireland commissioned Cally-Jo to create an original artwork that captures the rich symbolism of tattoos, but also touches on the hopeful potential of coffee farming as an alternative to gang life.

Sandra Gahan, marketing manager of Kenco Ireland, said the new design was based on research that showed tattoo symbols are often used as a secret language between gangs on the streets of Honduras. “We wanted to use this powerful symbolism to promote coffee farming as a hopeful alternative to gang life,” she said. “Cally-Jo’s exquisite artwork beautifully marries fine art with the grittiness of tattoo culture. We hope it will drive awareness for Coffee Vs Gangs here in Ireland and demonstrate how coffee lovers can make a positive difference with every cup of coffee they drink. It’s important to think beyond our packaging and understand the provenance of Kenco coffee and the responsibilities we all have to support those who help make it.”

Entitled  ‘Hands of Hope & Despair’, ten limited edition prints of Cally-Jo’s original artwork will be given away on Kenco’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/KencoIreland in the coming weeks.



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