CBRE report analyses shopping centre visitors’ food and beverage habits

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An international CBRE report in to shopping centre food and beverage offerings has some useful findings on consumer habits.



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27 October 2015 | 0

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A new report published by CBRE analysing Food & Beverage habits among consumers in shopping centres has revealed some interesting and useful insights for retailers and other researchers. The report, which surveyed 22 markets and 22,000 customers – 1,000 of them Irish – aimed to provide an overview of how shoppers perceive the food and beverage offering within shopping centres and how this compares with the other locations surveyed.

The key findings of the report revealed that 35% of respondents visited a shopping centre once a week or more, while 18% visited once a month or more. Unsurprisingly, 100% had visited a shopping centre in the past 12 months.

48% of respondents said that they would be more likely to partake in food and beverage offerings in a shopping centre than other types of retail environment (department store, retail park etc), while 55% said that the ‘overall experience’ of a shopping centre, including said food and beverager offering, plays a part in choosing to frequent one.

Meanwhile, 49% of respondents said the decision to stop and partake in food and beverage offerings in a shopping centre is a spur-of-the-moment one.

Conversely, 32% of respondents said they tend to do some shopping in a centre when the main reason for their visit is to partake of the food and beverage offering therein.  78% of Irish respondents cited the quality of available food as an extremely important or very important factor in determining where to eat – more than value, speed or convenience, but only 9% described the quality of food in their last shopping centre experience as ‘excellent’.






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