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It’s well established that families are constantly on the lookout for products and brands that provide the convenience modern life requires while also presenting value for money. Now that the school season is fast approaching, the key is products that are suitable for lunchboxes and trips that offer those same benefits on-the-go


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15 July 2019

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Now more than ever, the FMCG and convenience food sector is witnessing an explosion in new, vibrant and healthy choices across all categories. As well as individual choices, brands are focusing on families as the target market for these healthy options, as parents seek ways to keep their children nourished while also satisfying that need for innovation, indulgence and a little bit of novelty in their day. Parents want the best for their children, so the brands that will catch their attention are those that can reassure them about nutritional values and the natural credentials of their products, containing no artificial colours or preservatives.

That notion is increased further at this time of year as the back-to-school season rumbles into life. It is a costly time of year for parents, with new uniforms and outfits to be purchased along with school books and supplies placing heavy demands on the household budget.

In short, value is never far from their minds, so when the attention turns to the school lunches, they’ll be after a combination of those healthy options that offer convenience, value and the health benefits that are important year-round.

Retailers in turn will want to have their stores stocked with those products offering value and convenience, be it in the food aisle or where those extra bits and bobs are needed for the schoolbag or the pencil case.

Fuel for school

Made in Cabra in Dublin for more than 84 years, Batchelors is Ireland’s number one baked bean brand. It has retained that position for generations because of its focus on great taste and quality, nothing more.

Baked beans are one of life’s most versatile foods – delicious, satisfying and nutritious. They are the perfect go-to meal for busy families, so are a natural product for the back to school season, as illustrated by Bachelors’ new ‘Fuel for School’ campaign, which will hit shelves in August.

The new campaign will be supported with a full throughthe-line campaign, including the airwaves with Batchelors’ ‘Down to Earth’ radio ad. This will be further supported with national out of home, digital and PR. The campaign will also feature strong in-store activity including dressed ends and pallet builds as well as a sampling roadshow.

Your only ham

Brady Family Ham uses a traditional method of curing and cooking, creating a distinct and delicate flavour

What makes Brady Family Ham so special is that it is real Irish ham, made from one single pork joint, slow-cooked to perfection in the traditional way, with no added water. Brady Family Ham is crafted using only the finest Irish pork, sourced from Bord Biaapproved farms. It is crafted using a traditional method of curing for three days before being slowly steam cooked and dressed by hand. It is this traditional method that creates its distinct and delicate flavour.

Brady Family Ham has an array of award-winning products suitable for any mealtime occasion. Succulent slices of carved ham are delicious in a wholesome lunchtime sandwich while the Just Add Torn and Chunk Pieces are a perfect addition to a homemade omelette or pasta dish. Craft and quality is at the heart of what Brady Family Ham does, and that is what makes Brady Family “your only ham”.

The finest quality

Greene Farm is a natural, healthy and tasty cooked-meat choice that brings the comfort of home cooking to every occasion. A complete range of hand-prepared chicken, turkey and beef provides a nourishing addition to any salad or sandwich combo. From hand-prepared slices to torn and mini fillet ranges, Greene Farm offers consumers a great-tasting nutritious protein in a format to suit any occasion.

As an award-winning brand, Greene Farm is committed to providing the finest quality produce. The manufacturer sources only the very best 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial flavours and preservatives, while every mouthful produced is cooked to perfection, resulting in a great-tasting product every time.

Double 0 heaven

Actimel’s packaging has been redesigned to stand out in a crowded drinks aisle

When kids go back to school, it’s an unavoidable part of life that they’ll be exposed to various illnesses, whether it’s the common cold or something else. For that reason, parents will want their immune systems to be in tip-top condition, and Actimel is a fast and easy way to do that*.

Actimel is a fermented milk drink containing 10 million exclusive L. Casei cultures in each 100ml bottle, along with vitamins B6 and D, all of which work together to support the natural efforts of the immune system.

The brand recently underwent a packaging redesign, making it stand out on shelves more and thus easier for shoppers to locate. In particular, the contrast between the Core Fruits range and 0% Fat range was strengthened.

Actimel is available in a range of flavours, including the expanded Double 0 range (0% Fat, 0% Added Sugar), which has experienced 46% annual growth since launch**. Actimel has the second highest branded loyalty in the category***, and these shoppers are sure to stay around for the back-to-school season for 2019 and beyond. In 2020, Actimel has some really exciting breakthrough innovations planned, all while maintaining that core focus on supporting consumers’ immune systems.

*(As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle)
**(Source: MAT Nielsen Data ending 19 May 2019)
***(Source: Kantar Loyalty Value data ending 24 March 2019)


Babble and Brook

The Deep Riverrock Kids range will be supported with a playful new campaign

Deep RiverRock, the Irish water brand that first launched in 1994, recently became the first water brand to introduce a 100% recyclable PET bottle range. The initiative will eliminate approximately 500 tonnes of “new” plastic from the supply chain, supported by a playful new campaign focusing on two drops of water named “Brook” and “Babble”.

Brook is the daughter of a family of droplets that live in a rockpool, high in the hills of County Antrim. Her twin brother is named Babble, and her father and mother are called Gill and Misty. They’re a cheerful bunch who love to play in and out of the water, but also take their mission to protect the river seriously. They care about the environment and are always trying to think of inventive ways to make their little community more sustainable, that’s why they love the Deep RiverRock 100% recycled bottle! Brook is smart and funny and a little rebellious, and she loves to be active and try out new hobbies like football, surfing or arts.

Discover their story and more at

The good start

Glenisk’s GoYo Vanilla is one of several ranges designed for kids and babies, and comes with exclusive Irish Rugby trading cards

For over 30 years, Glenisk, “the good yogurt”, has been producing premium and organic Irish milk and yogurt from its Co. Offaly base. Today, the company employs more than 75 people and produces over 120 million servings of yogurt per year.

The Glenisk ethos is food-first nutrition, with nothing artificial – ever.

As well as leading in the organic dairy space (including the kids and baby category), Glenisk has recently grown its share of the protein yogurt category with its Irish Strained Protein Yogurt range and new range of high-protein granola and yogurt pots, GO20. These ranges are supported through Glenisk’s IRFU sponsorship as “Official Yogurt of Irish Rugby”, fuelling the performance of the senior team and the U20s and Rugby 7s sides since 2016.

Innovation has been a key driver in Glenisk’s continued success as the brand adapts and grows to meet changing consumer demands. The new GO20 range, which delivers the “magic” 20g serving of protein per pot, is particularly targeted at the healthconscious consumer, fulfilling their need for tasty, healthy and nutritious foods on-the-go.

Glenisk aims to give Irish children “the Good Start” with its range of organic yogurts made using fresh Irish organic milk and fruit. For over a decade, Glenisk has been reducing or eliminating sugar across its ranges, and kids is no exception.

Glenisk has three ranges for kids and babies, each with no added sugar options – Bio Kids Pots, Baby Bio Pots and Go-Yos Yogurt Tubes, which come with exclusive Irish Rugby Trading Cards.

Perfect lunchbox filler

Ribena Minis are produced specifically for small hands, and are made with real fruit juice and no additives

When it comes to blackcurrants, the people at Ribena know their stuff, with over 80 years’ experience making great-tasting drinks. If there is one thing they love, it’s giving Ribena fans more choice than ever. That’s what led to the newest range of Ribena Minis in handy multipacks – perfect for mini people.

With ‘back to school’ just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for the year ahead, so it’s a good thing Ribena Minis are popular with mums and dads too. They are made with real fruit juice*, contain no added sugar and are rich in Vitamin C.

Ribena Minis come in three tasty flavours in four-pack and eight-pack formats, each bottle a 200ml serving, making them an ideal lunchbox filler. Those flavours include Brilliant Blackcurrant, Amazing Apple & Mango and oh-so-yum Orange (eight-pack only). Ribena Minis can be found in major retailers including Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and Tesco.

*(6% fruit juice from concentrate)

Throwing shapes

Healthy snack brand Forest Feast is celebrating the release of its first ever kids’ range, Super Fruit Shapes: real fruit, smashed and slow baked into delicious fun shapes; the perfect on-the-go snack.

Bronagh Clarke, marketing director at Forest Feast says that the inspiration for Super Fruit Shapes was the notion that kids sometimes struggle to get their five-aday. “We set out to create an all-natural healthy snack that kids will enjoy and want to eat,” says Clarke. “Like other fruit, one portion counts as part of your five-a-day, is high in fibre and Vitamin C and has no added sugar or other nasties.

“The range is also guaranteed allergen-free, including nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, and is vegan-friendly,” Clarke adds.

Forest Feast Super Fruit Shapes are available in three flavours: Strawberry, Wildberry and Tropical Mix, in 30g single packs at €1, and multipacks of 5x20g bags at €3. Furthermore, Forest Feast is the first brand to bring a sharing bag to the category, with a 100g sharepack called ‘Fruit Salad’ – filled with all three mouth-watering flavours – retailing at €2.50.

The ‘Super Fruit Shapes’ range was created for kids who want something fun and tasty, and parents who want to fuel their children’s active lifestyles and outdoor adventures with healthy snacks.

“We are a team of innovators,” Clarke continues. “We will launch with a full 360 campaign, including PR, digital, outdoor and sampling, that encourages kids to see the world through wide eyes, and not wide screens, by getting out and getting active.”

Forest Feast’s Super Fruit Shapes will be available nationwide from 12 August. For more information, contact Forest Feast national account manager (Ireland) Paul Ryan at

A moment of bliss

The smooth melting Lindor Treat Bar is Ireland’s number one premium chocolate countline, and is a proven must-stock product for retailers this year*. Available in a slim stick format, it is the perfect “on the go” treat and is available in three delectable flavours – the classic Lindor milk recipe, an orange flavoured milk chocolate and a new mint flavoured chocolate for those looking for something with a little twist.

The Lindor Treat Bar range also includes Lindor Milk and Orange Multipacks – the same slim stick packaging but in a convenient multipack format – perfect for filling lunch boxes or as a little picnic treat while you are out and about.

The Lindor Treat Bar 38g range retails at €1.29, while the Lindor Multipack is available in all leading retailers and retails at €2.69. Both are available nationwide, so give your shoppers a moment of bliss wherever they go with the Lindor Treat Bar!

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack MAT (Snacking Countline Market) to 19 May 2019)

Lunchboxes love fish

For decades, John West has been doing its part to help busy families get an all-important serving of fish in their diets. Kids especially need a healthy balanced diet to fuel their fun and activities. Protein is extremely extremely important for kids to grow and function; thankfully John West makes it easy as its fish products are a great natural source of protein. The brand aims to cater to the growing demand for tasty lunch and snack options when the daily school lunch routines start back this autumn.

The latest innovation is the John West No Drain Tuna Fridgepot, a breakthrough in packaging that has modernised the ambient tuna market. The Fridgepot is a great time-saving product, easy and convenient to prepare with no mess. But the best bit is, it is simple to open with an easy peel opening and then can be resealed so that consumers can keep it fresh in the fridge for a full two days. Each pot contains a 110g serving of No Drain tuna in an innovative modern plastic pot with a see-through window.

John West supported this new product launch with a heavy social media, press and TV campaign as well as in-store activity and will be following up with more in-store activity later in the year. So stock up now to offer essential and important fish goodness to your customers!

Drink delicious

A new drinks range has launched in Ireland in three delicious flavours. Weetabix On The Go Kids comes in Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate flavours, and is a perfect lunchbox filler.

The Weetabix On The Go Kids drinks provide the equivalent energy, fibre and protein of one serving of Weetabix Original and milk, ideal for consumption as part of a nutritious breakfast. The drinks are a source of vitamin D, calcium, fibre and protein, and contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavour.

Beth Reeve, brand manager for Weetabix Drinks, said that the brand is aware of how parents want to deliver a good breakfast to their children. “But,” says Reeve, “fussy eating habits and our busy lives can sometimes get in the way. The new Weetabix On The Go Kids range is great as part of a nutritious and balanced breakfast or morning top up – ideal for hectic mornings and snacking while on the move.

“We have worked hard to ensure we keep sugar levels to a minimum,” Beth Reeve continues, “without compromising on taste and we’re proud of the fact Weetabix On The Go Kids has the same sugar content as a glass of semi-skimmed milk.”

Weetabix On The Go Kids’ has created the bright, colourful ‘monster’ designs to jump off the shelves for parents and kids alike. The packs even have fun games on the back to keep kids busy. The Tetra Pak packaging is a proven format for children, and means kids can be independent when drinking so you can avoid messy spillages!”

Weetabix On The Go Kids is available now in multipacks of 4 x 180ml.

The artist within

Cara aged 7 from Swords, Dublin, regional winner for Ireland of the BIC KIDS Young Artist Award

After two years of huge growth, during this back to school period the Bic Kids Young Artist Award is set to engage the nation once again. The competition, which encourages children to exercise their artistic flair, has been designed to support the Bic Kids range, including Bic Kids Evolution Ecolutions Colouring Pencils and Bic Kids Kid Couleur Felt Tip Colouring Pens.

Open to five to 11-year-olds across the UK and Ireland, parents simply need to submit a photo of their kids’ masterpieces at www.bickids. before Sunday, 4 August. Judges will award points for everything from creativity and use of colour, to composition and subject matter. They will select 13 finalists to represent their respective regions, whose amazing artwork will be used on local billboards throughout the voting stage of this year’s competition.

Once the public has decided who will be crowned the overall champion, the winner will have another burst of  billboards and posters put up across the country using their brilliant artwork in late September. The winner will also receive a bundle of Bic Kids goodies and an arts, crafts and creative skills party for themselves and up to ten of their friends.







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