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An impressive €400,000 worth of cereal is sold every day of the Aug/Sept back to school period, representing 38 packs sold each minute, making the breakfast category a vital one for every store, writes Gillian Hamill


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14 August 2017

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Health and wellness remained the leading trend influencing the performance of breakfast cereals in 2016, according to a Euromonitor Ireland report, ‘Breakfast Cereals in Ireland’, published in November 2016. According to Euromonitor, Irish consumers continue to place high importance on health considerations and the nutritional content of products. They are also more reluctant to purchase cereals with high levels of sugar usually associated with weight gain.

This report also states future growth will be fuelled by the creation of healthier breakfast innovations promoting healthier lifestyles. Porridge oats, glutenfree and organic product lines are expected to be increasingly popular in the coming years and gain a wider consumer audience of all age groups.

Indeed, according to Euromonitor, ahealth and wellness strategy will be a strategic business imperative, not an option in the forecast period. Looking ahead, there are major opportunities for Irish organic cereals to grow as the demand for organic food in Ireland grows at a remarkable pace.

What’s more, seven in 10 Irish people want help to eat healthily, according to a new Bord Bia study. New research from Bord Bia’s Insight Centre, The Thinking House, highlights the fact that health and wellbeing continues to be a major trend globally and Irish people have a positive perception of their own health. Indeed, 88% recognise it is important to eat well and acknowledge a link between diet and mental wellbeing. Sugar is also under pressure with 59% checking for sugar content and this rises to 71% who are conscious of their children’s sugar intake. Over 80% (84%) are trying to eat high fibre foods while 88% see protein as an important part of their diet.

Yoghurt is another popular breakfast option that ties in with consumers’ demand for healthy choices. According to a report entitled ‘Dairy in Ireland’, published by Euromonitor Ireland in December 2016, yoghurt and sour milk products have seen current value growth of 2% in 2016, with the sector projected to reach value sales of €236 million. The sugar content of many yoghurt products hindered growth within the category over the review period. However, the category has returned to growth, due largely to the continuing rise in the popularity of natural, organic and Greek-style yoghurt products.

Growth shoots up from seeds

Activia Grains & Nuts is a new tasty breakfast experience, which allows consumers to start their day with a great source of fibre. Each pot contains creamy yogurt mixed with a selection of grains, nuts and seeds, including quinoa, spelt and sunflower seeds. It’s got a satisfyingly crunchy texture with a delicious nutty taste.

Available in three flavours, Activia Grains & Nuts is available on shelf from 1 September. This new development is broadening breakfast horizons for Irish consumers and is a convenient way to get fibre intoan individual‘s diet in the morning. In fact, with new Activia Grains & Nuts, the brand is confident ‘fibre never tasted so good’ with a delicious mix of ingredients like quinoa, spelt & poppy seeds, walnut & oats, and more.

The brand adds: “Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.”

Brightening up breakfast

  Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can get a little bit boring so Cuisine de France is here to help. The company is delighted to announce that it is just about to introduce a collection of new products over the coming weeks, of which three in particular are perfect for breakfast.

The new products include a tasty Sourdough Bloomer which is made using a unique sourdough fermentation process that produces a light and airy bread with a well-developed flavour. Cuisine de France states it is very excited about this product as the brand believes it is going to be a real winner with customers. Cuisine de France will also be launching two additions to its Premium Scone range. First up is the ‘Seeded Fruit Scone’, a buttermilk and treacle based scone with the added goodness of oat bran and a delicate warmth of mixed spices. Then there is the new ‘Cranberry & Lemon Drizzle Scone’ which is a traditional Irish buttermilk scone enriched with fresh, vibrant cranberries and a subtle hint of lemon zest; ideal for breakfast on-the-go.

As well as the new range, the much-loved Cuisine de France hero pastry range remains a strong morning favourite with Le Croissant, Le Choco, Le Raisin, and Le Pecan and of course, the IQFA winner for ‘Best Morning Good’, The Raspberry Crown Danish pastry.

2016 Bord Bia research into the breakfast occasion found that 38% of the out-of-home (OOH) breakfast consumption is purchased out-of-home and eaten either on-the-go or at work. Furthermore, bread represents 21% of the total food items purchased for OOH breakfast, with croissant/pastry representing 13%. As such, by having a Cuisine de France instore bakery, your store can meet these consumers’ needs by producing premium, freshly-baked breads, pastries and morning goods.

Cuisine de France provides the ultimate in-store bakery solution by meeting current consumer demands for fresh, high quality morning goods and bread, but also evolving its range to cater for changes in tastes and new food trends.

Plant-based prospects

Research shows €400,000 worth of cereal is sold every day of the Aug/Sept back to school period, representing 38 packs sold every minute of every day. With consumers increasingly seeking healthy options, porridge and oats-based cereals are driving sales. Baguettes, traditionally considered part of a lunchtime snack, are growing in popularity as a breakfast option. Due to time pressures in the mornings, breakfast biscuits are a rapidly growing segment – increasingly chosen by consumers who want a sustained release of energy throughout the day. With all these elements in mind, this month we’re reporting on innovative breakfast offerings, for families in the home as well as professionals on-the-go.

“In the context of today’s consumer landscape, which is more focused on health and wellbeing than ever before, breakfast has never been so important – and it’s now a go-to usage occasion for plant-based food and drink,” says Vicky Upton, head of marketing at Alpro UK & Ireland. “In fact, breakfast is now the single biggest usage occasion for plant-based drinks*, with the majority of volume consumed in the morning – either as a drink, over cereal or in a smoothie.

“When you couple this with the fact that plant-based shoppers are also inclined to pair their purchases with premium, healthy breakfast items such as fresh fruit, muesli and granola, it’s clear that there’s a huge opportunity for retailers to capture breakfast sales if they can get their plant-based offer right,” Upton adds.

Indeed, it’s been another superb year for plant-based food and drink. As a whole, the fast-growing sector has seen sales soar by +23% value** and +19% volume** in the last year alone, with more than one in three households*** now buying into the category as Irish shoppers’ interest in health and wellbeing continues to grow.

As the plant-based market leader, Alpro is continuing to propel this growth, with its soya alternatives to yogurt and plant-based drinks range recording sales of €18.6 million in the year to 11 September 2016 – and growing by +27% value and +24% volume to now account for more than three quarters of all sales of plant-based food and drink**.

A combination of innovative NPD and marketing campaigns focused on inspiring morning usage has positioned Alpro at the fore of the breakfast renaissance.

The brand kicked off 2017 with a campaign highlighting two of the category’s star performing products, Alpro Almond Unsweetened drink and Alpro Simply Plain soya alternative to yogurt.

Under the banner ‘Change a little, enjoy a lot’, the campaign featured TV, social, digital and shopper marketing activity – all focused on encouraging shoppers to discover exciting new breakfast options by making little plant-based changes to their morning routines.

“Protein also remains a huge growth area in the breakfast arena, and more consumers are starting to realise the benefits of starting their day with high-quality plant-based protein sources,“ Upton adds. “Our products are an established part of both of these trends because we are continuing to drive relevancy by emphasising how consumers can use Alpro to create their own plant-based breakfast every day – whether as a partner to beautiful smoothie bowls, birchers, or porridge – as well as reinforcing the high-quality plant protein credentials of our soya range.”

The majority of Alpro soya products are naturally low in saturated fat and a source of plant protein and calcium, as well as various vitamins and minerals, including B2, B12 and D.

*(Source: U&A Drinks Study, Haystack, Sept, ’15)

**(Source: Nielsen Total Market – 52 w/e 11/9/16)

***(Source: Kantar – 52 w/e 11/9/16)


Hot sales for hot oats

Flahavan’s is Ireland’s favourite porridge brand and continues to drive growth in the breakfast category. While the total breakfast cereal category is experiencing decline across all metrics, the hot oats category is in growth mainly driven by an increase in penetration in the category*.

Testament to the consistent high quality of Flahavan’s oats, and the brand’s loyal customer base, it has gained share in a competitive market driven by a strong 6.3% performance growth*. This has been supported by the huge success of Flahavan’s partnership with Operation Transformation, which saw the company give away 200,000 free packs of porridge in one day.

While bagged product still accounts for the largest share of the market, innovation in convenience products is driving growth in the category. Continuous investment in innovation is key to Flahavan’s success – it allows the company to retain its loyal customers while all the time encouraging new entrants into the category. Flahavan’s innovation strategy is supported by a focused investment in researching and understanding changing customer needs and this has been key to successfully launching the right products for specific consumer needs. Recent new additions to the range include a variety pack of sachets, relaunch of Organic sachets and Pots and the launch of a new Red Berry Granola to support the already-established Toasted Nut and Original varieties.

Flahavan’s has also launched the Super Oats drum which is sure to be a hit with Irish children. Following extensive research, the brand identified that many parents who already understood the health benefits of porridge, wanted to provide the same wholesome, natural, healthy breakfast for their children – parents want their children to eat porridge. Children of school going age tended to be influenced by peers in school, so parents were looking for a porridge product that would appeal to children in the form of ‘healthy pester power’ and so Flahavan’s launched Super Oats.

Flahavan’s Super Oats is super for active kids as its smoother texture appeals to younger children, and the oats are a source of protein which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. The oats are high in fibre, 100% Irish wholegrain, provide a slow release of energy and help sustain children’s energy levels throughout the morning. Super Oats is available in drum format with a free scoop for easy measuring and is microwave-ready in two minutes. A full launch support plan will be rolling out in September to support the product.

*(Source: Kantar worldpanel 26 March 2017)


Favourite fresh-baked breads

As Ireland’s oldest bakery, Johnston, Mooney & O’Brien has more than 180 years of experience in selecting high-grade flour from the finest wheat grown harvests. Over time, the bakery has refined its recipes so that all its quality ingredients come together perfectly to make consumers’ favourite fresh-baked breads. To each of its breads, Johnston, Mooney & O’Brien adds a unique ingredient; its longstanding heritage of crafting superior tasting baking goods. A healthy balanced diet has always been essential for living a full and active life and the company believes its baked goods play an important role in maintaining consumers’ health.

With its Goodness of Both bread, consumers can enjoy the smoothness of white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal, offering a nutritionally attractive option for those who prefer the taste of white bread.

With the famous Toastie, Johnston, Mooney & O’Brien has taken great care to ensure it sliced the bread to just the right size and shape to create the most perfect slice of toast. Why not take a little lunchbox inspiration from its recipe page at


Something to cheer about!

Nestlé Cereals has now launched its Cheerios Rainbow Bowl campaign, giving consumers a chance to win a limited edition iconic Cheerios bowl. The iconic rainbow bowl, which features on every pack of Cheerios, is known and loved at family breakfast tables throughout the UK and Ireland.

Now, Cheerios is bringing these bowls to life and giving consumers the chance to brighten up breakfast by  winning one of these exclusive, money-can’t-buy prizes.

With its bright rainbow colours, and high quality ceramic glaze, complete with the unique Cheerios logo on the base, this prize is sure to inject some colour into families’ breakfast time.

A true limited edition, there are 25,000 to be won, so the brand is advising consumers to make sure they – and all the family enter to be in with a chance, as everyone will want one each.

All shoppers need to do is open the box to find a unique code inside and enter the code on www.nestlé bowls to find out instantly if they have won.


Flying free

On shelves now, Nestlé GoFree Gluten Free Cereals help those who exclude gluten from their diet to have even more choice for breakfast in the morning. GoFree Rice Pops and GoFree Coco Rice are fortified with B-vitamins, folic acid and iron, ensuring that those who go gluten free can be confident they’re getting a nutritious start to the day. The Nestlé GoFree range also includes GoFree Corn Flakes and GoFree Honey Flakes. For the latest news from Nestlé Gluten Free Cereals, visit

Nestlé GoFree Corn Flakes also received a Silver Award in the Breakfast Cereal Category at the 2017 FreeFrom Food Awards for the second year in a row.



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