Elderly woman allegedly barred from all Dunnes Stores after accidental €3.50 mispayment

Dunnes Stores' HQ on Georges Street in Dublin
Dunnes Stores' HQ on Georges Street in Dublin

Daughter of 79-year-old woman says she will pursue matter until it is resolved



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11 August 2017

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A 79-year-old woman has reportedly been barred from all Dunnes Stores outlets after accidentally leaving a store with a €3.50 bottle of miniature wine she didn’t pay for.

The alleged incident was recounted on RTE’s Liveline programme by the woman’s daughter, Joanne.

Joanne explained that her mother who is 5’2″ and walks with a stick, uses her own shopping trolley as she can’t manage in-store trolleys and baskets.

Her mother places all items in her own trolley while she shops, and then unpacks everything at the till in order to have the items scanned, before repacking everything.

On 1 March, according to Joanne, her mother was shopping for her husband’s birthday tea. After leaving the store, a security guard told her to follow him back inside.

He then allegedly told her she had not paid for a €3.50 bottle of miniature wine and refused to accept the woman’s claim that it was “an honest mistake” nor allow her to pay for the wine at this point.

Outside, Joanne said he told her mother that she was barred from that particular branch and all Dunnes Stores’ outlets.

The Irish Independent reports Joanna then wrote a complaint to the store and was advised that the security guard in question had acted inappropriately.

She then requested to see a copy of the retailer’s vulnerable customer’s policy or the procedure that is to be followed in cases where people accidentally leave the store without paying for goods. However, as yet, she has received no response to these requests.

Joanne likewise asked for a Subject Access Request to see what information Dunnes Stores have stored on her mother, as she claimed that they took a photo of her mother’s bus pass.

Dunnes Stores has not responded to this request although Joanne has nevertheless said she will pursue the case until it has been resolved.



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