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Filling, nutritious, excellent value-for-money and ready in just minutes, soup has got it all! At a time when shoppers are seeking out the ultimate seasonal comfort food on cosy days and evenings, it’s important to make sure you’re fully stocked with the leading brands that your shoppers will be on the hunt for, writes Gillian Hamill


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23 October 2023

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During chilly autumn and winter days, warm, nourishing soup is the food equivalent of ‘a hug in a bowl’. According to a report by Euromonitor Ireland titled ‘Meals and Soups in Ireland’ published in November 2022, There will be moderate growth in retail constant value sales of meals and soups during the forecast five-year period as a whole. A key trend is that local brands will continue to grow in popularity. According to Euromonitor, “local consumers will increasingly favour soup and ready meals with shorter ingredient lists and cleaner labels, as they increasingly seek more natural products. Local brands are also likely to grow in popularity, as Irish products are generally perceived as high quality by local consumers.”

Euromonitor also states that branded products are likely to continue to gain ground on private label. According to Euromonitor, “although private label accounted for more than a third of retail value sales of meals and soups in 2022, its share declined during the latter part of the review period. This trend is set to persist into the forecast period, as local consumers increasingly seek out high-quality, healthful, protein-rich offerings.”

Meanwhile, in a global market report titled ‘The Future of Meals, Pizza and Soup 2023’Mintel has also reported specifically on the future of soup in the next two years. According to Mintel: “As consumers seek lower prices, their aspirations for more nutritious and filling food increase. Brands will bode well if they promote positive and functional health benefits such as satiety, gut health and immune health support to add value.

“As budgets remain strained, brands must demonstrate a deeper level of empathy towards the economic situation of their consumers and assist consumers to cook at home in more energy-efficient ways to save both time and money.” For example, Mintel’s research shows 28% of financially struggling UK home cooks would limit oven/hob cooking time to save money.

As Ayisha Koyenikan, associate director – Food & Drink, Mintel, states: “As strained budgets continue to drive consumer behaviour, brands can prove value by helping keep energy costs low and hungry stomachs fuller for longer.” Soup which is naturally filling, cooking and can be prepared in the microwave in minutes is an ideal option on all counts.

Packed full of goodness

Cully & Sully’s Squashed Veggie Soup is full of seasonal favourites like butternut squash, carrots, sweet potato with a little cumin for a touch of warmth

As the number one soup brand in Ireland, Cully & Sully is delighted so many homes are serving up a warming bowl of its soup during the colder months.

Cully & Sully soups are packed full of goodness with fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. All the brand’s soups are naturally gluten free as no nasty thickeners are used. Instead, there is enough vegetables packed in to get a thick soup the natural way.

A soup that Cully & Sully really enjoys during the autumn months is its velouté style Squashed Veggie Soup which has all your seasonal favourites like butternut squash, carrots, sweet potato and some cumin to add a touch of warmth.

Cully & Sully’s expansion into a risotto range offers a delicious and hunger busting alternative to the brand’s soups. The Charming Chicken Risotto, Moreish Mushroom and Tempting Tomato risotto are all naturally gluten free and less than 1% saturated fats. This range offers two vegan friendly SKUs that don’t lack in flavour or sustenance. Cully & Sully founders Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan recommend serving them with a nice drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper and parmesan cheese shavings.

Cully and Ivan (the development chef from day dot) are sharing lots of delicious autumnal serving suggestions for the soups and risottos on the brand’s social media and website. The duo will even include some Halloween themed recipes and there will be giveaways in the lead up to the SOUPtacular holiday. Check out for more and follow the brand on

With winter around the corner, there are lots more exciting plans in the pipeline that you will see pop up on the brand’s limited edition soup lids. Doing good has always been part of Cully & Sully’s ethos and what better time of year is there to give back to cherished customers?

Feel good factor

Each 400g carton of Avonmore Feel Good Soup contains less than 100 calories

The Avonmore Feel Good Soup range is available in a range of three delicious flavours; Feel Good Tomato & Basil, Feel Good Mediterranean Vegetable and Feel Good Garden Vegetable.

The Feel Good range does not contain any dairy or animal produce, making the soups suitable for the vegan consumer. Each 400g carton contains less than 100 calories, is gluten free and the packaging is fully recyclable. The Feel Good range will be supported in-store with point of sale (POS) this winter, as well as an extensive social media campaign. The brand therefore advises retailers to be sure to stock up on Avonmore fresh soups this winter.

Sweet, smooth and gently spiced

Each Fiid Chip Shop Curry Bowl contains just 215 kcal

Irish brand Fiid upgrades the classics to create wholesome, filling, plant-based bowls aimed at the discerning, health-conscious consumer who demands more from their meals.

Sweet, smooth and gently spiced, Fiid’s new Chip Shop Curry Bowl is a veggie-packed, healthy take on one of Ireland’s favourite indulgent comfort foods. Made using only natural ingredients, the new bowl is designed with midweek satisfaction in mind; just heat the pack for 90 seconds in the microwave for a comforting and filling meal in an instant.

Each bowl contains just 215 kcal, delivers two of an individual’s five-a-day and is high in protein and fibre. Fiid’s latest launch joins a line-up of five other SKUs which have sold over 1 million meals since launch a short few years ago. Fiid products are available to order through GM Marketing.

Signature sustainability

Sadie’s Kitchen uses 100% recyclable outer sleeve packaging which is made with cardboard from sustainably sourced forests and a recyclable tub format

Award-winning broth company, Sadie’s Kitchen which is stocked in multiples and independents nationwide successfully went central with Musgrave this year.

2024 will see the young health food brand enter into the chilled ready meal and sauces categories with its signature sustainable packaging.

Sadie’s Kitchen will continue using outer sleeve packaging which is 100% recyclable and made with cardboard from sustainably sourced forests and a recyclable tub format. The disrupter brand departed from single-use plastic pouches last year in line with its sustainability goals for 2023-2026.








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