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Parents are determined to provide the best for their infant, meaning the demand for quality versus value for money is constant. Thankfully, leading manufacturers and marketers have delivered on mums and dads’ high expectations by using the best quality ingredients, writes Gillian Hamill


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12 March 2020

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The signs are positive for the infant and baby category, according to the latest report by Euromonitor on ‘Baby Food in Ireland’, published in August 2019.

“With the highest birth rate amongst the EU member states and one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in Europe,” writes Euromonitor, “the Irish market is lucrative for both baby food and milk formula.” The analyst points out milk formula use is also strengthened by the high proportion of women aged 20-45 years of age that are both employed and work outside the home.

“Prepared baby food continued to be the most dynamic baby food category in 2019, particularly benefitting from greater need for convenience, good economic growth and high employment rates,” Euromonitor reports. “Its growth also comes from continuous quality improvements and an alignment with current health and wellness trends.”

‘Snackification’ is another trend impacting the baby food category. Euromonitor writes that “other” baby food is doing well thanks to the snacking trend that is spilling over from “adult” food – referring to the grazing trend that has been going on in packaged food for a while in Ireland, where snacks generally are highly demanded. “Whereas in the past, parents in transit may have simply brought a packet of plain biscuits or rusks along to give their children something to nibble on,” Euromonitor writes, “there is a growing number of specific (and value-added/more expensive) products to be consumed on-the-go that are addressing that need.”

New look for a new generation

The new Caldesene packaging is still marked with the brand’s signature heart shape to offer familiarity to consumers

The gold standard for the treatment and prevention of nappy rash for over 45 years, Caldesene Medicated Powder has received a new look. Parent company Clonmel Healthcare has unveiled new, brighter branding and packaging that will make Caldesene, the leading nappy rash product, look even more impactful on the shelves.

Clonmel Healthcare has invested extensively in a full brand audit on Caldesene. During the process, various stakeholders were consulted, including new parents to discuss their experiences of their baby’s nappy rash and current treatment trends.

A bolder design has been created, while ensuring the recognisable Caldesene look is retained. The front of the packaging has been decluttered, so consumers can understand the core message – Caldesene Medicated Powder prevents and treats nappy rash. The new design uses strong and warm colours that are appealing and attention-grabbing for the retail environment. The inviting pink and teal colours on the packaging are still marked with the signature Caldesene heart shape to offer familiarity to consumers, and the new baby graphic portrays the company’s family values at point of sale.

Caldesene’s marketing director Martin Gallagher says the brand’s “new modern, attractive packaging is attention-grabbing and clearly communicates the product on-shelf”

Caldesene’s marketing director Martin Gallagher says the brand’s “new modern, attractive packaging is attention-grabbing and clearly communicates the product on-shelf”

“We have created a new image to highlight that Caldesene prevents and treats nappy rash, and it should be used at every change,” says marketing director Martin Gallagher. “It was so important to us that we maintained the brand heritage,” he adds, “whilst conveying to the consumers that this is still the same great product that they have grown up with. The product has not changed in any way. This new modern, attractive packaging is attention-grabbing and clearly communicates the product on-shelf.”

Clonmel Healthcare aims to improve the way the company communicates to make Caldesene more relevant and accessible for today’s audience. In order to communicate the values of Caldesene to a whole new generation of parents, the brand has also introduced the new supporting tagline: ‘Tender care at every change’.

To engage consumers with the new look, Caldesene will run a substantial advertising campaign including radio advertising, visual media, online marketing, a new Caldesene website, in-store POS and attendance at all significant trade shows.

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Heavenly results

Heavenly Tasty Organics’ Yummy Wafer Wisps were shortlisted at the latest UK Quality Food and Drink Awards

Heavenly Tasty Organics, the Northern Ireland leader in award-winning natural foods for babies and toddlers, has been listed by Dunnes in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In total, the company is now supplying six products to Dunnes.

Heavenly Tasty, which is headquartered in Augher, Co. Tyrone, has a listing for two flavours each of its Veggie Waffles, Breadsticks and Yummy Wafer Wisps in a deal involving Dublin-based food distributor Total Brand Solutions, a subsidiary of Europe’s Total Produce.

Heavenly Tasty won the ‘Best Baby Snack’ title at the latest UK Quality Food and Drink Awards for its healthy Veggie Waffles in Sweet Beet and Shallot flavour

Shauna Blair, the founder and managing director of Heavenly Tasty, says the company’s latest deal represents “an immensely important contract for us because it offers access to the biggest food retailer on the island and one with a strong reputation for quality food”.

“Ireland has proved a very good market to date for the Heavenly brand,” she continues, “and the addition of Dunnes strengthens our brand presence and offering for the Irish consumer.”

Blair also praises Total Brand Solutions for its “tremendous assistance” in enabling the company to secure this key listing in a market targeted for faster sales growth.

“The listing enables families shopping in Dunnes to buy our range of organic, natural, nutritious and outstandingly tasty foods for babies and young children,” Blair adds.

Heavenly Tasty Organics now intends to support Dunnes and Total Brand Solutions in marketing initiatives to increase awareness of all its organic foods for children which are now also selling well in other parts of Europe, the UK and the Middle East.

Glenn Troy of Total Brand Solutions expressed the company’s delight to be named the official distributor for the Heavenly brand in Ireland, and says it is now “aiming to roll the Heavenly products out nationwide in 2020”.

Shauna Blair, a mum of four young children, established the company in 2009 and runs it with husband James, the commercial director, from their base in county Tyrone. She began developing natural foods when she was unable to find the type of baby products she wanted in Northern Ireland.

Among many recent awards won by Heavenly Tasty is the ‘Best Baby Snack’ title at the prestigious UK Quality Food and Drink Awards for its healthy Veggie Waffles in Sweet Beet and Shallot flavour; also included in the listing with Dunnes.

Another organic product, Yummy Wafer Wisps in Apple, Spinach and Kale, was shortlisted in the quality awards. This is also now available from Dunnes stores.

In addition to these products, Dunnes has listed Carrot and Cumin flavoured Veggie Waffles; Breadsticks in Original and Rosemary flavours; and Yummy Wafer Wisps in Banana and Pumpkin.

The good start

Glenisk’s Organic Baby Bio range supports normal growth and bone development

Dairy is packed with nutrients and ‘five dairy a day’ is essential for a healthy diet, especially to support growth and development in children.

Glenisk is encouraging parents to give their little ones ‘The Good Start’ when it comes to nutrition by advocating for five dairy a day for kids as a source of:

  • Calcium to grow and maintain strong bones
  • Protein for muscle growth and bone development
  • Gut health – yogurt is a naturally fermented food supporting healthy digestion
  • Vitamins and minerals, including B12 for energy and a healthy immune system

Packed with nutrients, the Glenisk Organic Baby Bio range contains no added sugar, no bits and nothing artificial

Glenisk’s policy is simple moreover: all products are organic, 100% natural and with nothing artificial – ever.

Suitable for babies from six months, Glenisk’s Organic Baby Bio range gives little ones the best possible start when beginning their solid food journey, supporting normal growth and bone development. The smooth and creamy fromage frais is packed with nutrients and contains absolutely no added sugar, no bits and certainly nothing artificial. The range includes four flavours in a four-pack format (four x 60g): Natural, Apple & Pear, Banana & Peach or Strawberry & Apple Fromage Frais.

For older children, Glenisk’s Organic Bio Kids range offers three flavours in a four-pack format (four x 90g), each 100% Natural, Organic and with Low Sugar Options available: Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla. Glenisk has also this month introduced a new Vanilla flavour to its Organic GO-Yos Yogurt Tubes range (six x 40g) in addition to the Strawberry and Banana & Peach options.

Tailored for little tummies

With a 59% market share, Milupa Cereals contain no added sugar or salt as well as no added flavourings, colours or preservatives

Ireland’s number one baby cereal, Milupa holds a 59%* market share.

Milupa Cereals are ‘Tailored for Little Tummies’ through every step in the weaning journey. Now in a convenient resealable bag, with some yummy new flavours. Milupa Cereals contain no added sugar or salt** and no added flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Milupa has reformulated the three most-loved recipes and introduced exciting new flavours to ensure the best progression possible in both taste and texture for little ones.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack Sales Value MAT 29 Dec 2019)

**(Contains naturally occurring sugars and sodium only)







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