Anita O’Connell, Trainer, National Off-licence Association

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If she was a wine she'd be perfect for any occassion! Anita describes herself "sensitive and spontaneous with a blend of fun loving flavours." She loves Guinness ads, but prefers a Corona to the black stuff.



15 August 2009

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Anita O'ConnellYour favourite off-licence?
Deveney’s, Dundrum

How do you describe yourself?  
Sourced from premium Irish grapes, I am sensitive and spontaneous with a blend of fun loving flavours, displaying cheeky characteristics and can be enjoyed at any meal

What’s your favourite drink?  
An ice cold chardonnay or Corona with lime

What’s your favourite drink brand, outside of any brands you may represent, and why?    
Carlsberg, their ads are brilliant

Should drink ads be limited/banned, why/why not?
Limited but the majority of people will make their drink choices irrespective of drink ads. I love the Guinness ads but don’t like Guinness!

What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?
Definitely mandatory ID and training for off-licensed staff

The best gift you ever received?  
My two girls and my health

What possession could you not live without?  
My home

What was your first job?
Sales assistant in the local pharmacy. I was about sixteen but it wasn’t my forte as I nearly sold someone wart ointment for a mouth ulcer

What’s the worst ad ever?  
Italia ’90 Opel ads with the “Put the boot in” strapline

What’s your favourite drink ad at the moment?
Guinness celebrating 250 years. So original and makes me laugh every time

Country & western or rock ‘n roll?
Definitely rock ‘n roll

Who is inspirational in the Irish trade?
Reggie, she’s the nicest person I’ve ever worked for

What (if anything) was the last thing you bought on the Internet?  
Flights to Portugal

What’s your favourite food?  

Wine or beer?  

What makes you laugh?  
My family crack me up and stand-up comedy

Favourite insult?
“You’re awful but I like you”

Who (out of anyone in the whole world alive or dead) would you most like to have drinks with?
Dara O’Briain and his team from “Mock the Week”



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