ABFI: Innovation is transforming Ireland’s drinks industry

Lost Lane is a new venue in Dublin city centre operated by the Porterhouse Group
Lost Lane is a new venue in Dublin city centre operated by the Porterhouse Group

The ABFI has launched a new initiative aimed at highlighting stores of experimentation and innovation in Ireland's drinks industry. ABFI Innovation Pulse aims to recognise companies which drive growth in this manner; the first focus will be on The Porterhouse Group



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23 April 2019 | 0

The ABFI has congratulated the Porterhouse Group for the opening of Lost Lane, a new live music venue in Dublin. The federation calls it a prime example of a drinks company driving growth through innovation. As part of a new series called ‘ABFI Innovation Pulse’, the ABFI aims to highlight different companies within the industry for their innovative business practices.

Ireland’s drinks industry is growing rapidly. The number of alcohol manufacturing licences increased from 32 in 2009 to 137 in 2017*, while existing players within the market are introducing a plethora of new products in response to changing consumer tastes, as well as visitor experiences. With this evolution in mind, the ABFI Innovation Pulse will identify these innovations as they happen.

First up is The Porterhouse Group which, in addition to opening the new Lost Lane venue, plans to introduce creative new beers to the market this year through its subsidiary Porterhouse Brew Co, while adding new whiskey, gin and vodka products to the global market through the Dingle Whiskey Distillery.

Patricia Callan, Director of ABFI said that Ireland’s drinks industry is alive with stories of innovation. “Whether it’s brewers, distillers and cider producers experimenting with new flavours and products, or companies diversifying, it is truly one of the country’s most exciting and dynamic homegrown sectors,” she said. “From opening Ireland’s first ever brewpub The Porterhouse in 1996, to the new live music venue, Lost Lane which opened last week, The Porterhouse Group is a prime example of innovation in the industry.”

“This is just one of many stories from this industry that we will be highlighting over the coming months,” Callan said, “as part of our ‘ABFI Innovation Pulse’ series.”

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