91% of retail workers believe their health is not a top priority for employers

Nearly 40% of retail employees said they have regularly felt stressed as a result of their work over the past year

Nearly four in ten retail workers say they have regularly felt stressed as a result of their work



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27 July 2015 | 0

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Health in the workplace is a huge factor for Ireland with stress, poor health and lack of sleep caused by work issues being widely reported. New research by gift card company One4all has also revealed that Ireland’s workforce think employers in Ireland need to increase the focus on health in the workplace. 91% of retail respondents in the One4all survey of workers said that maintaining a healthy workforce is not a top priority for their boss. Almost four in ten retail workers (36%) say that they have regularly felt stressed because of work in the past year.

As the war for talent rages on, creating a workplace that prioritises health is a win-win for Ireland’s bosses. By providing a health and wellness programme at work employers will create a culture where employees become more invested in the company and more motivated to achieve their goals. Employees also rate wellness programmes highly and 76% of employees in the One4all research say that they would be more likely to stick with a company that cared about their health. One third of respondents (34%) would be less likely to call in sick if their employer cared about their health.

Other national findings in the research show that in the recovering economy Ireland’s workers can’t switch off, with over four in ten workers regularly working through lunch. Interestingly, Ireland’s relationship with alcohol also remains prominent and only 7% of workers reported that their company celebrations did not include alcohol.

Measures to improve employees’ perception could include having a wellness programme in place. The One4all Bikes4work scheme is another way to improve morale and motivate employees. All staff who sign up to this scheme can save up to 52% on the cost of a bike and equipment. Recent figures from Cycling Ireland have revealed that the popularity of cycling in Ireland has escalated over recent years, with 350 cycling clubs in Ireland now, compared to zero clubs in 2011.

*(Source: Research carried out by Atomik Research among 1002 Irish adults employed full/part time, aged 18+)



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