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As frosty winter beckons, it’s time to start thinking about how your store can make the most of the ignition category – the second largest sector within the total household category. Read on to discover more about the brands that will help heat up your sales


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16 October 2015

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  • Solid fuel continues to be used as a source of heat for over 58% of Irish homes
  • Bord Na Móna is the largest supplier of solid fuel in Ireland
  • Zip is the branded leader of the ignition category in Ireland, which is ranked second within the total household category in the total grocery sector*
  • Total ignition is up +4.6% in value and +7.5% in volume versus a year ago. Blocked firelighters make up the biggest portion of the ignition segment, with 88% value share. Within this, Zip is growing at +1.5% in value versus a year ago in a declining segment*
  • Zip is the market leader within the wrapped firelighters category with over 90% share and growing at 7.9% in value and 13.2% in volume*
  • Zip Croí Na Tine firelogs continue to show steady growth at 4.6% in volume*
  • For over 75 years, Calor Gas has been the leading provider of innovative liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) energy solutions
  • Flogas Superser heaters offer an instant, economic and portable way to ‘spot-heat’ a room quickly
  • It is estimated that Homestead Firelighters account for 53% of the total firelighter sales within symbol groups and independent retailers

(Source: AC Nielsen – MAT Aug 2015)

As winter approaches once again, attention turns to home fuels, and while central heating is of course a staple of most modern homes, fuel remains a hugely important category within grocery. In fact, it is the second biggest category within household, a statistic that is attributable to the fact that 68% of all Irish households have an in-house fireplace. Furthermore, 76% light a fire three times a week, while 60% light a fire every day. As the winter gathers, consumers will be on the hunt for convenient, cost-effective methods for lighting and maintaining their fires. Unpredictable Irish weather means innovative and reliable products are always going to be in high demand.

A leading light in innovation

Lignite Blend 10Kg Smokeless Lignite Nuggets 10Kg Smokeless Ovoids Nuggets 10Kg Smokeless


For over 80 years, Bord Na Móna, the largest supplier of solid fuel in Ireland, has led the way in designing an innovative and convenient range of quality solid fuel solutions for Irish consumers. At the heart of the Bord Na Móna range is the Irish peat briquette, bringing value and comfort into Irish homes for many years.

Solid fuel continues to be used as a source of heat for over 58% of Irish homes. Research indicates that while consumers are price conscious, availability where they shop and quality are also key purchase drivers with consumers buying smaller quantities more frequently and this is verified with a growth in the retail channel for solid fuel.

This season Bord Na Móna, the market leader in solid fuel, continues to drive innovation with a new revamped smokeless coal range in bright new packaging.

Following on from the successful launch last season of the Bord Na Móna Kiln Dried Hardwood log convenient carry home pack, the company has now extended the convenient consumer friendly handle concept to its expanded 10kg smokeless coal range. The 10kg range now includes Smokeless Lignite Nuggets, Premium Ovoid Nuggets and a new Lignite Blend which is a high quality smokeless coal providing a real fire quickly, that is easy to light with a golden flame.

Smokeless Coal 20kg s (2)Due to the success and significant demand for the 35kg premium stove fuel, Bord Na Móna is now introducing a 20kg Premium Stove Ovoid as a smaller, more convenient format for its customers and consumers’ benefit.

The new brightly coloured polypropylene packaging will reduce coal dust strike-through and allow clear visibility of key product characteristics, designed to help consumers make the right choice for their individual needs.

The product name now incorporates a description of the product, for example the name Premium Ovoid Gems being a large manufactured Ovoid Shape is one of the company’s most popular selling smokeless coal and is also manufactured in Ireland.

This new smokeless coal expanded range is available across the 10 and 20kg range and is available in market in October.

New natural pine scent


The Natural Pine scented firelog extends the ambient experience of using a firelog with the added benefit of a seasonal aroma

New this season is a Natural Pine Scented Firelog which extends the ambient experience of using a firelog with the added benefit of a pine scented pre-burning aroma. This new innovative firelog will be available in the multiples from this month.

The company’s convenience range of firelogs, firepacks, firelighters as well as Eco logs in eight and 16 packs are also widely available across the convenience, DIY, retail and hardware sector providing consumers with an instant and convenient real fire experience.

Bord Na Móna is running a TV, radio and outdoor campaign this autumn to support its customer as well as providing at point of purchase a range of point of sale material and merchandising solutions to facilitate an easier and more informed solid fuel consumer shopping experience. At Bord Na Móna, the group continues to grow and develop its product range offering choice, quality and support to grow the solid fuel business together with its customers.

Zipping up to number one!

Zip is constantly developing new products to meet the evolving needs of consumers

Zip is constantly developing new products to meet the evolving needs of consumers

Zip, Ireland’s number one firelighter, is the clear brand leader of the solid firelighter category. Safe, reliable, convenient and easy to use, Zip’s high quality firelighters are ideal for any indoor and outdoor fire, barbecuing and cooking occasion.

Standard Brands, manufacturers of Zip, invented the domestic kerosene firelighter back in 1936 and today Zip is the most recognised and trusted brand in the ignition sector, selling into six continents. Zip’s comprehensive range offers a wide range of fire lighting solutions, including block, wrapped, firelogs and a range of ancillary and charcoal products.

One of the signature products in the Zip core range of products, is the High Performance Firelighters. These come in the traditional block format and are formulated to light even the most difficult fuels such as anthracite coal, peat and wet wood.

As the market leader, Zip is constantly researching and developing new products in order to reach the evolving needs of the consumer. The most recent innovation to make it on to the shelves is the Starterlog. At 700g, and powerful enough to replace the need for separate firelighters and kindling, this log will burn for up to 90 minutes, making it is the perfect quick firelighting solution. For an authentic Irish fire without the hassle, just light the wrapper to safely ignite the log and you will only need to add additional fuel after 20 minutes.

Supporting Irish

The current factory, based in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, was built in 1956 and employs over 100 people from the local area, many of whom come from a long line of family members who have worked at the site before them. The company also sources 90% of ingredients in Ireland, an example being Ireland’s fastest lighting firelog, Zip Croí na Tine, which uses compressed Irish grown willow (obtained from local farmers) and natural waxes.

In recent years we have seen a movement towards buying locally made Irish products, helping to keep the economy competitive and support Irish companies. Recent research has indicated that if every household increased their spend on Guaranteed Irish brands by just €4 per week, this would create an additional 6,000 jobs.

Standard Brands prides itself on being a leading Irish manufacturer, innovating for the future to generate sustainable business and to provide further employment opportunities. Standard Brands takes its responsibility towards health and safety, the environment, and quality control very seriously. The company is proud of its strong Irish heritage and thinks it is important to set high standards and aim high in order to maintain a reputation as brand leaders.

Annual independent inspections are carried out by regulated safety representatives. Standard Brands continues to be accredited to OHSAS 18001 standard for Occupational Health and Safety. Twice yearly audits are carried out.

The ignition brand leaders are an active participant of the Guaranteed Irish programme and have been since the early 90s. The Guaranteed Irish logo is one of the most recognised in Irish business, a symbol which Zip is proud to include on its packaging, showing support for the future of Irish jobs and quality, a subject close to the heart of the business.

“By supporting our economy and also the Guaranteed Irish programme, Standard Brands is pleased to both manufacture and sell our Zip firelighters and firelogs to the whole country since 1936,” says the company. “We are really proud to be Irish!”

Marketing support

Zip has created The ‘Give Your Fire Some Zip’ campaign. All Zip products, but particularly new product launches are supported with above-the-line advertising (TV, radio, digital and print) and below-the-line/in store marketing (FSUs, aisle fin banners, security gate cladding etc.).  Look out for the new Starterlog advert on TV this winter.

Zip products are available nationwide. Contact ODelamere@tandr.ie or telephone 00353 1 466 6652 for more information or merchandising support for the complete Zip range.

Clean and convenient


Calor retailers have found cylinders to be a popular addition to their stores

The convenience and efficiency of bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) means that it continues to be an important purchase for many homeowners. For over 75 years, Calor Gas has been the leading provider of innovative LPG energy solutions. Calor bottled gas is a versatile, portable and manageable fuel that is easily stored and supplied and that delivers for consumers and retailers alike.

Calor LPG is also one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, producing far lower carbon emissions and reduced running costs than oil, coal, peat and even electricity, allowing consumers to make a choice that delivers value and is better for the environment.

Calor LPG has a range of applications in Irish homes, including central heating, instant hot water, controllable cooking, flame fires and efficient tumble drying. Calor has the largest distribution network for cylinder gas on the island of Ireland and retailers can choose from a wide variety of cylinder sizes, from 4.5kg up to 47kg, including Calor’s special lightweight cylinder range.

Feedback from Calor retailers shows that cylinders have proved to be a popular addition to their store, helping to drive footfall and attract a range of new customers. Customers are also attracted by the range of promotions that Calor runs throughout the year.

Product quality and safety are the company’s number one priority. In order to ensure the integrity and quality of its product, cylinders are filled only by Calor in its Belfast and Cork facilities. All Calor bottles are sold with a distinctive security seal, giving customers the reassurance that they are buying a genuine, tested Calor product.

Each business has individual needs, so Calor creates a complete custom-made solution for every retailer. In addition, Calor retailers enjoy excellent customer support, technical support and a dedicated sales representative. Calor also provides in-depth training to retailers, so that they can maximize Calor LPG for the benefit of their business.

For further information call the Calor contact centre on 1850 812 450 (ROI) / 028 9045 5588 (NI), email industrialsales@calorgas.ie or visit www.calorgas.ie.

Go with the flo!

A family enjoying some quality time in a kitchen warmed by a Flogas Superser Catalytic heater

A family enjoying some quality time in a kitchen warmed by a Flogas Superser Catalytic heater

A consistent bestseller, Flogas says its Flogas Superser heaters never go out of style. In the wake of what was probably the worst summer weather of the past few years, retail customers will be urgently seeking cost-effective solutions to control their home heating bills.

“Flogas Superser heaters are the perfect solution for cost-conscious customers. They are extremely useful as an instant, economic and portable way to ‘spot-heat’ a room quickly, as many customers find it far cheaper than turning on the central heating for an hour or two,” says Eoin O’Flynn of Flogas Ireland, the exclusive distributor for Superser in Ireland and the UK. For more information, contact Flogas on 041-9831041 or www.flogas.ie.

Superser heaters – choice of two models

Flogas supplies two contemporary looking and stylish mobile heaters, the Superser Radiant and Superser Catalytic. In particular, the Superser Catalytic burns without a flame and has lower touch temperatures, making them safer and it is fitted with easy glide castors, which allows for trouble-free moving from room to room.

A lightweight solution!

Portable and stylish yet extremely functional, the company says the Flogas Gaslight cylinders, launched last year, have been a great success and are getting an excellent response from customers because of all the benefits they offer.

Not only are the Flogas Gaslight cylinders about half the weight of the traditional steel cylinders, the semi-translucent exterior allows customers to see exactly how much gas they have left.

The Flogas Gaslight cylinders are as safe as steel cylinders and won’t leave rust marks on patios or decks. They fit all leading brands of LPG appliances, making it ideal for caravans, campervans, motor homes, barbecues and patio heaters. The cylinders are available in 5kg and 10Kg sizes in selected outlets nationwide.

A real Homestead in a jiffy

Homestead has increased its investment in the Homestead Firelog to deliver deeper, more frequent promotion activity

After the launch of the Homestead brand in 1986, the firelighter range quickly became a stable product within the brand’s portfolio, generating considerable sales in this category.

It is estimated that Homestead Firelighters account for 53% of the total firelighter sales within symbol groups and independent retailers, while rivalling the two leading brands in Ireland.

HS Firelighters 60pk

Homestead supplies two SKUs of firelighters; 30s and 60s

Homestead Firelighters account for an estimated 53% of the total firelighter sales within symbol groups and independent retailers

Nearly 70% of households have open fires and the ignition sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the household category.

The Homestead fuels range consists of two SKUs of firelighters, 30s and 60s and a firelog which was introduced to the range in early 2005.

With the increase in trading of firelogs in the Irish market, a full review of the Homestead promotion plan has taken place which has resulted in an increase of investment in the Homestead Firelog which will mean deeper, more frequent promotion activity in line with the market.

Homestead brand manager Janice Gibney is delighted to come to the table with this increased investment which will still give retailers the healthy margin they know and love from Homestead while continuing to bring value home to its consumers.

Q & A with…

Stuart McCready, country manager, Zip, Ireland and USA

Zip has been very busy on the innovation front over the past few months. How do you approach innovation? 

As a consumer-focused organisation, we invest heavily in research to see what our consumers are saying about how we can improve on our current product offering or fill a particular need in the market for something that we might not already be offering. We then discuss the viability of the proposed product with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that it not only meets our consumers’ needs, fits in with our production capabilities and aligns to our company objectives and high quality standards, but also that it is commercially viable for both ourselves, and our customers. We also need to constantly bear in mind our customers’ pressure points in terms of shelf availability and specific category objectives to ensure we offer them something of value while delivering profit.

Any new product launches we should be looking out for over the next few months?

We have recently launched the Zip Starterlog which is manufactured at our production facility in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth. This innovative firelighting solution takes the hassle out of starting a fire. You simply place the Starterlog in your fireplace, light the wrapper and add your fuel after 20 minutes. There is no need for kindling. This gives the consumer an instant fire that is convenient, fast lighting and mess free.

What have been your best performing innovations and why?

Since Zip invented the kerosene firelighter nearly 80 years ago, consumers recognise Zip as the most reliable, tried, tested and trusted firelighter on the market. This is available in both block and individually wrapped formats. A very proud innovation of ours has been the Superstarter. Launched during winter 2014, the Superstarter is ultimately the world’s most powerful kerosene based firelighter and burns for up to 28 minutes. This product has helped grow the ‘individually wrapped’ category within the retail sector.

How will retailers benefit from your new product development (NPD)? 

We only bring NPD to the market based on what our consumers tell us they want, which gives retailers the confidence that the product will be a success. All NPD is backed up by marketing support in terms of above-the-line advertising, as well as in-store POS to allow the retailers to maximise their sales in a profitable way.

How can retailers engage consumers in-store and drive sales within their fuel category?

Space is always a concern in any retail outlet due to a large number of SKUs across categories. Secondary displays to highlight promotions are central to retailers maximising sales, during the key selling months from September to March.







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