CSNA responds to Welsh government’s consultation on banning energy drink sales to under-16s

If ban became law, it would apply in all Welsh retail outlets as well as online and vending machines



5 July 2022

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The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) has pointed to the potential pitfalls regarding the Welsh government’s statement last week that it wishes to introduce a ban on the sale of energy drinks, and any other products deemed to have a high caffeine content, including tea and coffee.

The CSNA has highlighted that the ban would apply, if it were to become law, in all retail outlets as well as online and vending machines.

“The primary evidence being offered by the Welsh government for suggesting a ban is that the voluntary code is not dissuading young people from acquiring energy drinks and they are experiencing poor dietary outcomes, with many consuming these drinks every day,” the association states.

“There are studies, the consultation paper suggests, that show children to incur low psychological, physical, educational, and overall well-being, such as headaches, sleep problems, alcohol use, smoking, irritability, and school exclusion.

“In the UK, 21% of grocery stores implement voluntary age restrictions, the Welsh government intends to ‘level the playing pitch’ – will it be long before a similar call is heard here? Voluntary codes never appease the critics – they will always want to use the iron fist.”



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