Visa Europe and Permanent TSB launch new debit card loyalty programme

According to Visa Ireland country manager, Philip Konopik: “European consumers’ increased familiarity with contactless cards is gradually normalising the use of mobile wallets and other digital payments,"

Visa says scheme "marks a step change for rewards programmes in Ireland in terms of the number of consumers and companies that we hope to engage"



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31 May 2016 | 0

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A new loyalty programme has been introduced in Ireland specifically for Permanent TSB’s Visa Debit card users.

Visa Europe and Permanent TSB have announced the launch of GoRewards – a scheme which offers the bank’s Visa debit card customers money back promotional offers on their favourite retail and online brands, based on their spending habits.

GoRewards is the first implementation of the Visa Card Linked Offers platform in Ireland.  With Visa cards – Debit, Credit or Prepaid – now accounting for more than €1 in every €3 of Irish consumer spending, Visa says the Card Linked Offers use its transaction data to target customers with personalised, relevant and simple money back offers.

The programme uses a straightforward mechanism. After making a purchase through the programme with their registered Visa debit card, the customer will automatically receive money back within five working days.  New offers are made available to customers every week.

Philip Konopik, Ireland country manager, Visa Europe, said the move “marks a step change for rewards programmes in Ireland in terms of the number of consumers and companies that we hope to engage.  Our data gives us unrivalled insights to deliver relevant offers to consumers based on their spending habits.

“Card Linked Offers not only have the potential to create an improved experience and value for the consumer, but also increased reach, revenue and brand loyalty for our partners,” Konopik added.

Lorraine Peters, head of current accounts at Permanent TSB said the scheme had received a positive response to date, noting: “We have had a superb response from customers already and we are very excited at the potential of this offering in the years ahead.”



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