Tobacco displays to be banned in all NI premises from 6 April

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Smaller shops given longer to comply with regulation so that they can learn from supermarkets' experience



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9 March 2015

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In Northern Ireland from 6 April 2015, it will be illegal to openly display tobacco products in all retail premises, including shops, bars and clubs.

The legislation banning tobacco displays in large shops and supermarkets has been in effect in the north since 31 October 2012.

However small shops have been given more time to comply with the new law. The thinking behind this is to allow them to learn from the experiences of larger shops in terms of implementing cost-effective solutions.

Local council Environmental Health Officers will support retailers in making their displays compliant. The Newry Times reports that although failure to comply may result in legal action, this is unlikely, at least initially, if the business is unaware of the legislation or has made a genuine attempt to cover the display.

NI Health Minister, Jim Wells, said: “Studies have shown that children and young people are particularly susceptible to advertising, and those exposed to tobacco marketing and promotion are more likely to take up smoking.”

He also said that “most smokers want to quit and this measure will support those attempting to quit by putting tobacco products out of sight”.



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