Tesco UK criticised for failing to protect suppliers

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis is set to make an "exciting" announcement on September 19
Outgoing Tesco CEO Dave Lewis will remain in the role until September

A new survey has named Tesco among the worst compliers of a code of conduct for treatment of suppliers by major retailers



23 June 2015

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Tesco UK has come in for criticism today after a survey conducted by a grocery watchdog rated it the worst of the “big four” retailers for complying with an industry code of conduct applied to protect suppliers.

RTE.ie reports that in a survey of 1,145 suppliers, conducted by the Groceries Code Adjudicator, 4% of the retail giant’s suppliers felt that it never complied with the code – an improvement on its 6% rating one year ago – while 30% of respondents said the firm “rarely” complied with the code.

Previously, Morrison’s had been the worst performer in the survey, with an 8% non-compliance rate last year, which dropped to 2% in today’s survey, while Asda and Sainsbury’s both recorded a 1% rate. Outside the “big four”, Iceland was the worst overall performer, with a 5% non-compliance rate.

Reacting to the study, a spokesperson for Tesco said that the company had been working hard to improve its dealings with over 3,000 UK suppliers ever since last year’s £263m accounting scandal which related to supplier payments. She added that the survey is “just a snapshot.

“The survey does show that suppliers have seen higher levels of improvement in our practice in the last year, compared with other retailers,” she said.




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