Tesco Ireland to give €20 million in savings to over 750,000 Clubcard customers

New research shows the number one food retailer loyalty programme in Ireland is the Tesco Club Card
will offer over €20 million worth in Tesco's latest Clubcard mail out will offer over €20 million worth in vouchers

Clubcard customers will start to receive vouchers from this week



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4 August 2020 | 0

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Tesco Ireland will distribute over €20 million in vouchers to over 750,000 Irish households in its latest Clubcard mail out, which it says represents the most generous rewards-based return to customers to date.

The latest Clubcard statement, which is being issued this week just in time for households readying themselves for the back to school season, will offer over €20 million worth in vouchers that can be redeemed in Tesco stores nationwide. The vouchers being delivered to households throughout Ireland as part of the latest Clubcard statement, will range in value from €1.50 to €300.

Clubcard customers throughout Ireland who qualify, have shopped in a Tesco store within the first half of this year* and hold a valid Clubcard, will receive great money-off vouchers as part of Tesco’s value-led campaign.

As part of its recently launched ‘Value with You in Mind’ campaign, Tesco is also implementing a range of price drops across hundreds of products in stores and online this autumn. These price reductions will enable customers to get more for their money where, for example, a family of four can buy the ingredients for their favourite spaghetti bolognese for just €5.

Tesco timed the Clubcard rewards to coincide with the back to school period, stating this “can be an especially challenging and expensive time for families, with Tesco Clubcard vouchers and price reductions on hundreds of products, customers will hopefully have one less thing to worry about”.

“With this Clubcard mailout distributing over €20million in vouchers, as well as the latest round of savings for our customers in stores and online, we believe we have created true value with our customers in mind,” said Cathal Deavy, customer director, Tesco Ireland.

“We believe that the price reductions we are implementing on a range of family favourites like cooking sauces and lunchbox essentials, will be a welcome saving for anyone balancing a household budget,” Deavy added. “By following the red bubbles in stores our customers will discover real and tangible value throughout their shopping experience with us.” 

*(Shopped between 17 February – 19th July, 2020)





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