Tesco gains 25,000 extra shoppers thanks to price slashes

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Change for Good price schemes have been rolled out in almost ever county and Tesco reports an extra 25,000 in border stores



10 September 2009

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Tesco Ireland’s border stores are reportedly attracting an extra 25,000 shoppers per week since the introduction of its new lower-price offering, according to the retailer. The cut-price scheme – which is no longer known as ‘Change for Good’ following an agreement with Unicef – was rolled out to Tesco’s 11 stores in border counties last May, in order to convince shoppers heading to Northern Ireland that “this is the farthest north you have to travel” to get border prices.

Tesco has now rolled out its ‘Change for Good’ planograms to stores in almost every county in Ireland. A spokesman for the company said, however, it couldn’t give specific details about the continuing roll-out for “competitive reasons,” but added: “what I can say is that it is proving very popular with customers and we are very pleased with the response that we have received to date.”

At the Dublin launch, a spokesperson said Tesco expected to see an extra 100,000 customers in its Irish stores as the nationwide roll out was completed.

In the UK, the retailer is set to launch ‘Clubcard 2,’ which is an extension of its £150 million (€170 million) loyalty scheme investment this year. The revamped Clubcard offers double points on all products sold in Tesco stores and online to Clubcard holders, although there are no plans to introduce the scheme here.

Tesco is instead offering Irish customers special deals that allow them to exchange their quarterly ‘Clubcard Money Vouchers’ for up to four times their value in ‘Deals Vouchers.’ These deals include a range of activities such as days out, eating out and hotel breaks, which the retailer says are “extremely popular.” According to the spokesman, 30% of all vouchers are exchanged for days out deals.



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