Tayto Snacks’ title sponsorship of Tayto Park to end in December

Raymond Coyle and Mr Tayto.In spite of a successful ‘Search for Mrs Tayto’ campaign, the potato icon plumped for a bachelor’s life in the end
Raymond Coyle thanked the management of Tayto Snacks for its "belief in our vision”

Partnership helped to create one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in little over 12 years



15 February 2022 | 0

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Tayto Snacks and Tayto Park have announced that the title sponsorship for the popular theme park will come to an end 31 December 2022.

From January 2023, there will be a new name and identity for the award-winning theme park.

“I am delighted to have aligned with one of the most iconic Irish brands, so successfully, for over a decade,” said founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle.

Our partnership with Tayto Snacks has helped to create one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in little over 12 years,” he added.

“We have decided that in order to expand and meet our ambitious targets for the park, now is the opportune time to rename the park to better reflect the exciting rides, attractions and zoo that are coming over the next few years.”

Many new developments are planned for the park, including an investment of €30 million over the next two years.

“On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank the management of Tayto Snacks for its belief in our vision,” Coyle added. “It has been a very special partnership and we look forward to the year ahead and indeed continuing our journey and close relationship with Tayto Snacks.”

John O’Connor, managing director of Tayto Snacks, said the brand was “immensely proud” of its sponsorship which had “supported the creation of one of Ireland’s most successful tourist attractions welcoming more than 5 million visitors since it was established in 2010″.

“Our sponsorship of the park during that time has helped us to further enhance the emotional connection Tayto has with Irish consumers by reinforcing the brand’s values around family and community in addition to continuing to foster the great affection they hold for Ireland’s most popular crisps and snacks brand since its creation over 65 years ago.”



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