SuperValu’s Alibaba deal brings 40,000 customers into the fold

SuperValu customers have been targeted with a fraudulent text scam
Kantar figures show SuperValu continued to hold the largest share of the grocery market at 22.2%, with growth primarily driven by shoppers returning to stores more often, contributing an additional €41 million

Musgrave's expansion into China through the online shopping giant Alibaba has yielded 40,000 new customers for SuperValu and the promise of many more, the company has said.



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16 May 2017

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On Saint Patrick’s Day earlier this year, Musgrave launched an export service through Chinese internet retail giant Alibaba. Since then, the Cork-based retail group has notched up an estimated 40,000 new customers for its SuperValu products, according to the Irish Independent.

The export project has grown steadily over the past three months, leading the group to consider expanding the range to include other branded Irish suppliers.

China has seen an explosion in online shopping in recent years, with Alibaba at the fore. As the country’s biggest e-commerce group, it handles more annual transactions than Amazon and eBay combined. Its chairman and founder Jack Ma says the company aims to serve two billion customers around the world within 20 years.

Meanwhile, Musgrave has begun selling 40 of its own-brand products to Chinese customers; these include SuperValu Wheat Biscuits and Signature Tastes Muesli.

“Working with Alibaba has allowed Musgrave to enter the Chinese market and to develop our understanding of the Chinese consumer,” David O’Flynn, head of business development at Musgrave Group told the newspaper. “As our understanding grows, we plan to tailor our range of SuperValu own-brand products and potentially expand the range to other Irish brands.

“The global growth opportunity is certainly in China,” he said.





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