SuperValu Signature Tastes Raspberries reap benefits of year-round availability

SuperValu raspberry grower Donal Counihan of Roslin Farms, which has a history stretching back to 1926

Expertly grown by Donal Counihan at Roslin Farms in North Co. Dublin, SuperValu Signature Taste Raspberries are expected to generate €10 million worth of sales for the retail group in 2019.



26 July 2019 | 0

SuperValu is gearing up to sell €10 million worth of SuperValu Signature Tastes raspberries this year.

Currently in season, SuperValu’s Irish raspberries expertly grown by Donal Counihan on Roslin Farms, North Co. Dublin are picked at their peak, so that they are juicy and plump.

The history of Roslin Farms stretches all the way back to 1926, with each generation passing down their particular skills and expertise, whilst adding new-found knowledge of evolving techniques of nurture and cultivation.

Dublin-based Counihan said it’s Roslin Farms’ “passionate people” that strengthen its “proud growing tradition, producing quality and optimum flavour throughout the Irish season”.

“Normally raspberry bushes produce one crop per season in June or July however we have been able to extend our season with the additional investment in energy,” Counihan added. “The raspberries are grown in close proximity to the pack house ensuring the time from picking to packing and cooling is as short as possible in order to keep the fruit as fresh as possible.”

According to Aveen Bannon, SuperValu ambassador and consultant dietitian, raspberries offer a host of nutritional benefits. “Raspberries offer lots of vitamin C and antioxidant rich vitamins,” says Bannon. “Freezing your raspberries at their peak ripeness will help to preserve all the vitamins and minerals that they already contain and delay the spoiling process, keeping them fresher for longer.”

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