SuperValu launches 2023 TidyTowns competition

Minister Heather Humphreys; with managing director of SuperValu, Ian Allen and school children at launch the 2023 SuperValu TidyTowns Competition. Picture Jason Clarke

SuperValu to continue sponsorship of the competition for the next five years



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28 March 2023

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The 2023 SuperValu TidyTowns competition has officially launched. Since 1958, the competition, which is administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development and sponsored by SuperValu, has been a pivotal initiative in bringing communities together and addressing some of the environmental challenges we face in modern society.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the competition and is expected to attract one of its highest level of entries to date.

The official launch took place in Trim, County Meath – the winners of the 2022 Supervalu Tidy Towns Competition.

The number of entries is steadily increasing and many new groups are entering the competition for the first time or returning with new enthusiasm and drive to improve their local areas. The Special Awards also continue to bring an added dimension to the completion and again this year we have an impressive array of special awards with some fantastic prizes.

Speaking in Trim, Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys said: “Being part of your local TidyTowns group is a great way to get involved in community life. My Department, through the national rural development policy ‘Our Rural Future’, supports vibrant, inclusive and sustainable communities throughout Ireland. I would encourage everyone to reach out to their local group and volunteer, you will be amazed at the benefits to you and your wider community.

“I would also like to thank our partner and sponsor, SuperValu for their continuing support and enthusiasm through their nationwide network of retailers support groups. This is SuperValu’s 32nd year of sponsorship of the TidyTowns Competition and they are championing awareness of the competition especially in areas of biodiversity and sustainable living.”

Ian Allen, managing director of SuperValu, added: “It gives me great pride to launch SuperValu TidyTowns together with the Department of Rural and Community Development. What makes SuperValu TidyTowns special is that it truly shows the power of community and how collective small actions can make a big difference toward ensuring our communities are more sustainable places to live, work and play for generations to come.”

“Every year, 29,648 volunteers across 924 committees give over three million hours of their time to SuperValu TidyTowns – this is a phenomenal effort. We have been heartened by the increased focus on biodiversity and sustainability projects in recent years, as well as the blended energy of youth and gold dust skills of experienced members which makes up the hundreds of TidyTowns committees across the country.

“We are thrilled that SuperValu has been chosen to continue our sponsorship of the TidyTowns competition for the next five years and are very grateful to the Department of Rural and Community Development for this exciting opportunity. We are excited to work with colleagues, friends and neighbours around the country to make our communities a better place. We strongly encourage people to contact their local SuperValu TidyTowns committee to join the collective efforts being made to build more sustainable communities for all.”

The closing date for receipt of entries for this year’s competition is 10 May 2023. Entry forms for the SuperValu TidyTowns competition are available at and will be emailed to all registered groups.




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