SuperValu introduces social distancing and preventative measures

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Kantar figures show SuperValu continued to hold the largest share of the grocery market at 22.2%, with growth primarily driven by shoppers returning to stores more often, contributing an additional €41 million

New measures include hand sanitisers and staff to manage the number of people going in-store at the entrance



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18 March 2020

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SuperValu stores across the country have introduced several changes as part of the group’s social distancing and preventative measures, which customers have been asked to support “to make sure that everyone stays healthy”.

In a press statement, SuperValu managing director Martin Kelleher said: “To reflect the words of the Taoiseach, we will come together as a nation by staying apart from each other and that’s just as important in SuperValu stores as it is anywhere else in the community. To support this effort, it’s important that people go about their shopping differently to make sure that everyone stays healthy.”

New measures

When entering SuperValu stores, customers will now see reminders about social distancing at the entrance, along with hand sanitisers and staff to manage the number of people going in-store. There are also limitations on the number of customers allowed in-store at any one time depending on the store size.

“Once in-store, we would ask everyone to respect each other’s space and avoid contact with other customers by observing a social distance of two meters,” Kelleher said.

At checkouts, tape on the floor or signs will show customers how far to stay apart from each other in the queue. They will be called to the till by the cashier and given additional advice. “For example, where possible we are asking people to use contactless or by mobile phone for larger amounts,” the MD said. “Obviously we are aware that some customers may not be familiar with these payment methods and prefer to use cash, and we would ask them to have patience with us if asked to place cash on the checkout and step back, before the cashier then places their change back on the belt.”

Tailored solutions

Kelleher also highlighted the measures already introduced in SuperValu stores to assist the elderly and vulnerable people in the community. “We are prioritising the elderly all day long in our stores,” he said. “We have more staff around our stores committed to ensuring the elderly and vulnerable customers are looked after when they visit. Many of our stores have tailored solutions in place that best suit their customers whether it is dedicated staff to help these groups with their shopping in-store, dedicated times allocated to them, or the ability to phone in their order in advance and simply collect it.” Kelleher asked customers with concerns to phone the store in advance or check the retailer’s social media channels.

The MD also reiterated the group’s thanks to its retailers, staff in stores, drivers, warehouse staff and suppliers for “their Herculean efforts to ensure our shelves are replenished every day”.





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