Sip into summer with brand new Four Loko flavours

Four Loko is launching two new thirst-quenching flavours



30 May 2022

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Four Loko, the US alcoholic beverage, is set to tantalise the tastebuds of Ireland consumers this summer with the introduction of two vibrant new flavours – Tropical and Strawberry Lemonade – to its core range of four established flavours including Four Loko Blue, Fruit Punch, Sour Apple and Gold.

With Four Loko’s striking camouflage appearance, these new kids on the block will be sure to stand out from the crowd with new packaging fused in fluorescent cherry red, and aqua blue and yellow.

Not only will Four Loko’s vibrant packaging catch the eyes of consumers here, but the new fruit-filled, edgy flavours will bring a new twist to the table and really pack a punch!

Combined with the sweetness of fresh strawberries and the fizz of sparkling lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade will be sure to hit the spot when cooling down after a long hot day in the sun.

Whether you are jetting off to a sun-kissed destination or simply enjoying a well-earned staycation this summer, just one sip of Four Loko Tropical, infused with all the fragments of tropical fruits like pineapple, is guaranteed to fuel your exotic side.

The epic fuel to your epic stories, if you love creating experiences that are a little bit different, a little out there, a little crazier and a little unexpected, Four Loko nights should be full of unforgettable memories.

“Flavoured alcoholic beverages have been a key sub-category for some time and category growth in Ireland is being fuelled by innovation within the traditional Ready To Drink space,” said brand manager from Richmond Marketing, Gina Holland.

“We’re delighted to be offering new Four Loko flavours which are going to be genuinely exciting for Ireland consumers, just in time for summer.”

Created over a decade ago by two college graduates, Four Loko has established itself as the leading Ready To Drink (RTD) brand in the US, with its broad flavour range and successful marketing drive to create ‘Epic Stories’ for millennials and Gen Z consumers across the United States.

Four Loko offers its target 18–24-year-old audience the perfect at-home, unconventional, full-flavoured, ready to drink solution, in a convenient 440ml can format with an ABV of 8.5%.

Strawberry Lemonade and Tropical flavours are available to purchase now in BWG, Carry Out, Fine Wines and independent off-licenses and also SuperValu and Centra from July.



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