RGDATA urges government to reintroduce lower employers’ PRSI rate

RGDATA director general Tara Buckley

Policies adopted in Budget 2015 will have a direct impact job creation in the SME sector, says RGDATA



22 July 2014

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Stop the employment crisis in the retail sector, urges RGDATA in its Pre-Budget 2015 submission

RGDATA, the representative association for the independent retail grocery sector, urges the government to assist retailers to create 10,000 jobs by reintroducing the 4.25% Employers’ PRSI rate in Budget 2015. The RGDATA Pre-Budget 2015 submission also calls for specific measures to aid town centre regeneration.

“The policies adopted by the government in Budget 2015 will have a direct impact on the capacity of the SME sector to create employment, particularly in sectors of the economy that have suffered the brunt of recession,” said Tara Buckley, director general, RGDATA.

“RGDATA supports government policies to stabilize the public finances, underpin Ireland’s competitiveness, put money in people’s pockets and support small and medium sized family owned businesses as the key drivers of job creation and local economic activity.”

The RGDATA Pre-Budget submission also calls for funding for the establishment of ‘town teams’ to lead the economic and social recovery of towns and villages, measures to tackle the black market, maintain the 9% VAT, a specific JobBridge internship scheme for the retail sector, to put a stop to new costs and red tape for retailers and confirmation that current tobacco licensing system will remain unchanged.

“The independent retail grocery sector is a key contributor to the national economy and has a disproportionately significant impact in local economies. This is nowhere more apparent than in the contribution made by the independent retail grocery sector on local employment,” Buckley added.



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