RGDATA calls for alcohol licensing system to be streamlined

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Association says same rules and regulations should apply to online retailers



25 January 2022 | 0

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Independent retailers’ representative group RGDATA has called for the alcohol licensing system to be simplified and streamlined and for the same rules and regulations to apply to online retailers as bricks and mortar mixed traders.

RGDATA called for the changes to be made in a submission to the Department of Justice, which is currently carrying out a full review of the alcohol licensing system.

In its submission, RGDATA outlined its belief that the regulatory structure for online sales of alcohol needs to be updated in order to ensure that the controls that apply to in person sales, are replicated in an online environment.

According to the group, retailers have expressed considerable concern about online sales of alcohol to minors and the challenges of enforcing controls in circumstances where the buyer is remote.

“Strong checks and verification requirements need to be introduced concerning online sales with appropriate enforcement measures to ensure compliance,” the group said.

The association also made a number of pertinent points regarding licensing applications. These include removing the need to make an application to a Court in order to secure a full off-licence.

“There is no reason why such an application could not be made administratively to the Revenue, with notice to other relevant entities including the Gardai, etc,” the association stated. “There should of course be some option for an appeal to the District Court where an issue arises concerning an application or renewal of a licence, but judicial involvement should be the exception rather than the norm.”



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