New range of Butlers Chocolates bars hit Tesco Ireland’s shelves

Tesco Ireland now stocks 100g Butlers Chocolates sharing bars

Four new 100g chocolate bars now available in stores nationwide


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16 June 2020

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A new collection of Butlers Chocolates sharing bars have launched in Tesco stores nationwide.

The four new flavours in the range cater to different tastes;

  • 70% Dark Salted Caramel 100g Bar
  • 78% Dark Chocolate 100g Bar
  • 40% Milk Chocolate 100g Bar
  • Dark Almond & Orange 100g Bar

The Milk Chocolate bar has a 40% cocoa solid, which creates a deliciously intense creamy milk chocolate experience. For dark chocolate lovers, other bars in the range include a 78% velvety Dark Chocolate bar, and two bars with flavour additions – Dark Orange and Almond and 70% Dark Salted Caramel.

All bars in the range are made with sustainably sourced cocoa under the Cocoa Horizons programme and are presented in recyclable packaging, with a promotional price of €2.

Tesco has had a long-standing relationship with Butlers Chocolates since 1997 and carries a range of its boxed chocolates year-round, as well as its seasonal products.

“We’re delighted to grow our relationship with Butlers to offer the best quality product for customers,” said Joe Manning, commercial director at Tesco Ireland, “working with Dublin based, Butlers Chocolates allows us to do just that. We are delighted to work with Butlers to grow our relationship and to expand the range available in stores across Ireland.”




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