New cooling specs launched to create standard for “perfect pint”

Beer sales have soared in Ireland amid the unprecedented heatwave
Beer sales have soared in Ireland amid the unprecedented heatwave

The Irish Brewers Association has launched its new colling specs for draught beer, with a view to maintaining a countrywide standard for "the perfect pint"



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17 February 2017 | 0

The Irish Brewers Association has launched its new cooling specifications for draught beer, to maintain the Irish industry wide standard for the perfect pint. This follows the the association’s Draught Beer Dispense Programme launched last June.   The cooling specifications document, which was developed by IBA member companies in close collaboration with manufacturers and installers of cooling equipment, sets the minimum standards for the cooling and refrigeration requirements of draught beer.

These new specifications aim to minimise energy consumption wherever possible, including encouraging customers (pubs, restaurants and hotels) to choose the more energy efficient beer cooling technology at their respective outlets.

Speaking at the launch the author of the cooling specifications document,

Niall Butler, Quality Contracts Manager with Diageo Ireland said the document is a positive development in the beer dispense sector, particularly in the context of quality control. “The ongoing technological developments,” said Butler, “make energy efficiency a cornerstone in how brewers deliver its product, which is evidence of the IBA’s commitment to playing their role in a greener economy.”

Also speaking at the launch, Jonathan McDade, Head of the Irish Brewers Association commented that beer is still Ireland’s most popular alcoholic beverage with 47% market share, beer remains Ireland’s most popular alcoholic beverage.   This cooling specifications standard will further ensure that Irish consumer will continue to experience high quality draught beer in pubs, hotels and restaurants.  With more and more new entries to the Irish market, the IBA is eager to maintain this high standard by updating the industry’s cooling specifications.”

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