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Paddy Cullen

In our monthly column featuring the favourite products of NOffLA staff members across the country, this month, Paddy Cullen, of Number 21 Off-Licence, Coburg Street, Cork, tells us about his favourite gin



19 May 2015

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Gin is a great summer drink. It’s refreshing and light and a good gin has a vast array of complex flavours on its own, or if you prefer, it can be mixed with tonic water or bitter lemon to make a real thirst quencher.

My favourite is “Dingle Gin”, which is produced here in Ireland, in Dingle, Co Kerry, hence the name. As it is dominated by juniper it is classed as a “London Gin”, which has no bearing on where it comes from though. What makes Dingle Gin so special are the other botanicals used, rowan berry, heather, bog myrtle and hawthorn to name but a few. It is the combination of these locally grown and harvested botanicals that make Dingle Gin unique.

On the nose it is fresh and floral with some grassy notes and a slight citrus edge. These flavours follow through to the palate where they are joined by grapefruit and lime notes and of course the familiar taste of juniper, although definitely not as dominant here, as in many other gins available.

Dingle Gin has a true rustic character, no doubt derived from the hawthorn and heather that transports you right to the edge of the West Kerry coast…marvellous! I enjoy it chilled, on its own; but by all means try it with tonic. Fentimans would be my recommendation.



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