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Rachel Rowan from Mulhall’s Londis, Portlaoise
Rachel Rowan from Mulhall’s Londis, Portlaoise

Rachel Rowan, of Mulhall’s Londis in Portlaoise, writes about her favourite wine



17 February 2012

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With a background in design I had a tendency to go for the odd, peculiar shaped bottle, or found that a quirky and nicely designed label attracted me towards a bottle of wine. A student’s budget was something I considered; it didn’t give me many options when choosing a bottle of wine. I was one of those people who used to go for the ‘wine on special’ or the one that was priced to suit me. (Well, I still do!) 

When I finished college, about a year ago now, I dedicated more time to my position in the off-licence in Mulhall’s Londis. I attended the W.S.E.T Intermediate Wine Course led by Mary Gaynor. Today, I find myself looking more at what’s behind the label, what’s in the bottle, rather than how it looks on the outside. I’m 1987 vintage, making me nearly 25, and I’m beginning to explore the wonderful world of wines. 
I constantly try different wines, and at 24 years of age I can’t say for certain what my favourite wine or grape variety is, as there are so many I have yet to taste. When I met my Valentine, though, I knew I had met my match; and it wasn’t on the 14th of February either!
I was on a holiday in Spain when we first set eyes on each other. Tall, thin, nice legs, Spanish and presented with elegance and finesse, Torres San Valentín seemed a bit out of my league, if I was being honest. You may be thinking a wine around the €13 mark isn’t terribly grand, but on my budget I couldn’t have asked for better.
We were having dinner at a seafood restaurant at the time, and this delicious white was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. A Vino De La Terra made from the Parellada grape; this San Valentín has a moderate alcoholic strength making it an easy drinking wine, perfect with seafood dishes, and can also be enjoyed on its own. It is clear and pale yellow in colour, with enticing aromas of fresh grapes, it is fruity and aromatic, voluptuous and slightly sweet on the palate. 
This wine was produced by Miguel Torres Carbó as a gift to his wife on Saint Valentine’s Day. With a cherub figure hanging from the foil, ‘Everyday is Valentine’s Day’ with this delicious wine. `


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