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Once an overlooked space, the premium mixers category is now booming, with consumers keen to recreate the luxury bar experience at home, writes Gillian Hamill


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21 September 2022

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What may have been a narrow category in the past has now become fully rounded, and today there is a mixer type for nearly every occasion. For adventurous consumers, mixers provide an opportunity to experiment with flavours and enhance the drink experience. Premium soft drinks are in more demand than ever after consumers traded up into expensive beverages at home during lockdowns and continue to seek to elevate their drink experience.

This taste for quality mixers is only likely to grow further still as quality-conscious consumers are pairing premium mixers with their premium spirit purchase. What’s more, Britvic’s 2022 Soft Drinks Review revealed that consumers are more willing than ever to upgrade to premium soft drinks and today’s consumers are calling for mixed drinks, such as gin and tonics, and cocktails to be of the highest quality possible.

A recent UK study conducted by Perspectus Global has also shown the popularity of premium cocktails, which reflects Irish trends. According to the analyst, the UK is now a nation of shakers and stirrers with over half of people (53%) saying they adore a well-mixed cocktail. A total of 42% admit they prefer a cocktail to a pint every single time – with 59% insisting that it’s a much more sophisticated choice of drink. The research also revealed that one in two (49%) now own a cocktail shaker, with 22% boasting a recipe for a drink which they claim to have made up themselves. However, a whopping 86% admit they’re no expert mixologist themselves, even though over half (51%) would like to be. Quality mixers are therefore an ideal solution for cocktail fans who want to enjoy a premium and luxurious bar-like experience at home, but without the fuss. More exotic and interesting flavour combinations are therefore hitting the mark with an increasing number of consumers.

Another trend within the category is the greater prominence of lower calorie or ‘skinny’ cocktails and mixers. Showing the extent this has grown over the past decade, in 2009, US Mintel research found zero reports of the skinny claim on cocktail menus but by Q2 2012, Mintel Menu Insights had already tracked 110 items boasting this descriptor. “Women, who are more likely to be calorie conscious, are feeling they have more options for alcoholic beverages with the emergence of skinny cocktails and light mixers,” said Mintel’s Kathy Hayden. In the intervening years, the trend flourished and also increasingly influenced the off-trade sector.

*(Source: This research of 1,500 UK based Britons who regularly drink alcohol was commissioned by Fridays and conducted by Perspectus Global during August 2022)

Guilt-free option

Schweppes Pink Soda is available in a 12 x 150ml mini-can pack and a 1 litre PET bottle

As Ireland’s number one mixer, Schweppes continues to bring the bubbles into consumers’ lives through its unique effervescence and sparkling campaigns.

An aromatic blend of lemon, lime and orange flavours, Schweppes Pink Soda has just 20 calories per 100ml

For those who wish to try something new, the brand is delighted to announce the launch of Schweppes Pink Soda. It’s now available in a 12 x 150ml mini-can pack and also in a 1 litre PET bottle.

An aromatic blend of lemon, lime and orange flavours, Schweppes Pink Soda is perfect for mixing with vodka, gin or rosé, as well as ideal for creating a Pink Spritz serve to enjoy at home.

Low in calories, with just 20 calories per 100ml, it’s a perfect guilt-free mixer option.

Mix with the best!

Alongside its high quality Tonic Waters, Fever-Tree now offers one of the market’s most expansive mixer ranges encompassing Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and a wide range of Sodas

In 2013, Fever-Tree was introduced to the Irish market via Richmond Marketing and has since become Ireland’s number one premium mixer brand. Throughout the past 10 years, we’ve seen a market-wide shift towards premiumisation with Fever-Tree pioneering the premium mixer category, bringing choice, quality and excitement back into the previously overlooked space.

Since launching in Ireland, Fever-Tree has continued to diversify its portfolio to meet the ever-evolving needs of the Irish consumer. For the brand, it’s all about putting quality back into both the on-trade and at home occasion with one simple premise – If three-quarters of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best. Within retail, the category’s can format has achieved strong notoriety amongst consumers, propelled even further due to Covid-19, growing 108% in 2021*.

Fever-Tree has pioneered the premium mixer category, bringing excitement back into this previously overlooked space

While Fever-Tree is best known for its high-quality Tonic Waters, the brand has continued to diversify its portfolio in response to increased consumer demand for alternative mixers, now offering one of the market’s most expansive mixer ranges encompassing Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and a wide range of Sodas.

Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda Water is the newest installation to the range, made with Tahiti lime from Mexico’s fertile groves and wonderfully floral Japanese yuzu to create a low-calorie soda that’s perfect for mixing with premium vodka or tequila. Raspberry and Rhubarb Tonic Water is also a new addition to Fever-Tree’s renowned tonic range, created specifically with the younger drinker in mind hence a sweeter taste profile, aimed at tapping into the rise of lemonade mixers as well as the “pink drink” Instagram-able moment.

For more information, visit www.fever-tree.com.

*(Source: Nielsen Mixer Report W52 2021)

New look for iconic Irish brand

Club’s new modern Irish design is intended to appeal to a broader, younger audience

Changes continue to evolve for the better at the number one Irish mixer brand, Club, as the brand unveils its new bold and vibrant design.

The new design sees the brand move closer to the Club master brand, with the energy from the Club brand mark echoed and built on by illustrations from their past that radiate out in a fun, playfulness and ownable style.

“We are very excited about our new Club Mixers’ design, as it is very important for us to keep such an iconic Irish brand contemporary and relevant to the modern consumer,” says Brian Greer, marketing manager, Britvic Ireland.

“Not only has our focus over the years been on delivering a unique and superior taste experience, we want everyone to know we share a purpose of savouring every moment and living life to the full along with Club. We know Irish consumers are eager to buy local brands especially ones that matter more to them,” he adds.

“Our new modern Irish design, built on by illustrations of our rich and iconic history, is intended to appeal to a broader, younger audience, focusing on the attributes of heritage, quality, and reliability. We have big growth ambitions over the next five years and this next evolvement of the brand has been designed to transform how we engage with consumers, while emphasising our Irish values through our unique history.”

Available as 6 x 330ml can pack and 850ml PET for the grocery channel, Club Mixers ensures relevance across many drinking opportunities. Its portfolio offers a wide range of flavours, best enjoyed chilled over ice with a garnish of choice. Club Mixers are a perfect accompaniment to spirits, expertly designed to blend deliciously with gins, vodkas and whiskeys.




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