Milk chocolate digestives take the biscuit

Chocolate chip cookies are Ireland's second most popular biscuit according to Tesco's sales figures for the past 20 weeks
Chocolate chip cookies are Ireland's second most popular biscuit according to Tesco sales figures

Chocolate digestives top the biscuit charts in every county



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16 November 2015

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Dunnhumby has lifted the lid on biscuit tins across Ireland to determine the most popular biscuits. Analysing the top selling biscuits in Tesco stores across Ireland the results revealed that milk chocolate digestives take the top spot both nationally and regionally followed by chocolate chip cookies. Kit Kat two-finger biscuit takes the third spot followed by Oreo vanilla and Cadbury Snack rounding out the national top five.

The top 10 biscuits in Ireland according to dunnhumby analysis of sales over the past 52 weeks in Tesco stores:

  1. Milk chocolate digestives 
  2. Chocolate chip cookies
  3. Kit Kat 2 Finger 
  4. Oreo vanilla
  5. Cadbury Snack shortcake biscuit 
  6. McVities digestives
  7. Rich Tea
  8. Tesco Value digestives 
  9. Bourbon creams
  10. Jacobs Mikado 

The national top two also take the top two spots regionally with Rich Tea and Kit Kat both making regular appearances in regional top threes.

Commenting on the results, Dunnhumby client manager Jenny Smyth said: Customers are showing us how important the Tesco own brand offering is to them in biscuits. We see a higher proportion of customers shopping these lines each year, and more importantly – returning to repurchase again.”

Tesco is hoping to capitalise on sales with a ‘two for €10’ special offer this week on a number of festive biscuit tins.





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