Maxol opens new forecourt in Wicklow with urgent Covid-19 modifications

Brian Donaldson

Pay-at-pump facilities offer unintended benefits



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20 March 2020

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Maxol today opened a new forecourt in Rathnew, Wicklow. “At a time when people are hugely concerned about being able to access everyday essentials as well as fuel, there was no doubt in our minds but that we had to proceed with the opening of Maxol Rathnew,” said Brian Donaldson, CEO of the Maxol Group.  “Not only does it mean that there is an additional outlet for groceries and fuel in the area,” he added, “but today’s opening also means the creation of 20 new jobs and our industry is hugely cognisant of the need to create and maintain jobs at this really difficult time.”

Maxol made a number of urgent modifications before opening Maxol Rathnew including planning for the introduction of Perspex sneeze guards to protect both staff and customers; the introduction of store markers to ensure proper social distancing is maintained and hugely enhanced cleaning and sanitisation measures.

The forecourt retailer decided not to open the 32-seater eat-in area at this time.

These measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 are being rolled out across Maxol’s 115 other company-owned forecourts throughout the country, with Donaldson stating that the “health and safety of staff and customers are a top priority for the group, now more than ever before”.

Pay-at-pump: unintended benefits 

Although Covid-19 obviously wasn’t a consideration when Maxol was planning its pay-at-pump facilities, they nevertheless offer a key benefit for consumers at the group’s new forecourts and newly renovated sites, in that they allow consumers to purchase petrol or diesel without having to enter the shop or come into any human contact.

“It’s amazing how companies like ours are now seeing unintended benefits from relatively low-tech innovations that were created for totally different purposes,” Donaldson said.

Maxol Rathnew is located at Tighes Avenue, close to the M11 and will serve both the local community in addition to passing trade from Dublin or the South East.

Fanfare cancelled

The opening of Maxol Rathnew, which was built on a greenfield site, was to be one of the group’s flagship events to mark the family-owned businesses centenary year. “We have obviously cancelled all fanfare around the launch. Our focus has moved to ensuring staff are looked after as they look after shoppers with a special focus on our older customers, who need even more support,” Donaldson said.

The CEO paid special tribute to Jason and Rachel McMullan, the licensees and independent retailers “who have remained steadfast in their commitment to running this new site in the middle of a national crisis”.




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