Mars Food launches global “Health & Wellbeing Ambition”

Mars' new programme to encourage consumers to differentiate between "everyday" and "occasional" options in its portfolio



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18 April 2016 | 0

Over the next five years, Mars Food’s Health and Wellbeing Ambition will see a global roll-out, with a view to creating and promoting healthier food choices among consumers, and encouraging cooking and sharing healthier meals. The company says it will do this by improving nutritional content and information for balanced choices, inspiring consumers to cook and eat with family and friends, and exploring ways of offering products at more affordable prices, and improving wellbeing through education.

Under the initiative, consumers will be encouraged to differentiate between “everyday” and “occasional” options in Mars Food products. The company says that due to some being higher in salt, sugar or saturated fat, not all of its products are intended to be eaten daily, and it plans to inform consumers, on packs and online, when and how they should enjoy its various products.

This element of the Health and Wellbeing Ambition follows in the footsteps of the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria, which the company developed in conjunction with recommendations from the World Health Organisation and other leading public health authorities.

“The food industry has already made great strides in reducing sodium,” said Fiona Dawson, global president of Mars Food, Drinks and Multisales, “but we have more work to do to help consumers reduce their sodium intake. We believe it’s important to begin a stakeholder’s dialogue about the role industry can play in this critical part of consumers’ diets.”

To learn more about Mars Food’s Health and Wellbeing Ambition, visit and engage with #BetterFoodToday on twitter with @MarsFoodGlobal.


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