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KitKat's pink variety has been in development for ten years
KitKat's pink variety has been in development for ten years

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13 April 2018 | 0

Consumers to be tickled pink by new KitKat variety

A fun new variety of KitKat is set to launch in the UK featuring a new “ruby chocolate” made from specially selected cocoa beans, giving the chocolate an ostentatious pink colour and an “intense fruity taste”. The brand says the pink colour is naturally occurring, due to the use of special cocoa beans grown in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. The chocolate – perfect for sharing on social media, we suppose – has been in development for ten years Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest cocoa processor.

HB teaming up with Down Syndrome Ireland for Summer Ice Cream Party

Celebrity chef Rachel Allen is lending a hand as Down Syndrome Ireland and Hazelbrook Farm team up for the very first Summer Ice Cream Party, which will launch the 2018 HB Fundays Campaign. The party will take place at King’s Hospital Secondary School, Palmerstown, Dublin, on April 25 from 10am – midday. It’s an event that promises fun and games with friends and family and, of course, plenty of HB Ice Cream. The Fundays campaign aims to encourage people to hold their own ice cream party in May or June to raise much-needed funds for DSI, which has a target of €350,000. To learn more visit

Aldi aims to sell 800+ tonnes of Irish strawberries this year

Aldi has announced plans to sell more than 800 tonnes of Irish-grown strawberries this year, as it introduces early season Irish strawberries into its stores. The German supermarket chain is sourcing its strawberries from the McGuinness brothers in north Dublin, who have been growing strawberries for many years. This year’s crop has been made possible with a new set of advanced glasshouses.

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