Madrí Excepcional records double digit growth

Madrí Excepcional will build on its successful 'El Alma de Madrid' campaign in 2024

Spanish-born brand will return to TV screens and in pubs and bars across Ireland this year



8 January 2024

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Madrí Excepcional’s latest results show the brand continues to go from strength to strength in Ireland. Now the fourth biggest world lager* brand, it has been enjoying double digit growth as consumers connect with the Spanish-born brand.

Born in the heart of Madrid, and developed in conjunction with La Sagra brewery, Madrí Excepcional from Molson Coors is Ireland’s number four world lager*.

Building on its El Alma de Madrid campaign which launched in 2023, Madrí Excepcional will be back on TV screens and in pubs and bars across Ireland in 2024, bringing the Soul of Madrid to the shores of Ireland.

El Alma de Madrid brings the street art, street sounds and street food synonymous with Madrid to life for consumers in locations across Ireland in 2024, inviting them to experience a taste of Madrid while doing so.

Consumers can experience the Soul of Madrid through the brand’s Conectada platform which can be unlocked through scanning QR codes on packs of Madrí Excepcional and on point of sale (POS) materials in the on-trade.

*(Source: NIQ – Total Market Value Sales, World Lager L12WE 3rd December 2023 [World Lager excluding Lomza]. Brewed in the UK).



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