Kellogg’s announces progress on salt pledge as part of responsible food commitment

Special K

Salt reduced across Special K cereal range in Ireland by an average of 16.7%


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12 April 2022

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Salt in one of Kellogg’s biggest cereal brands, Special K, has been reduced by an average of 16.7% across the cereal range in Ireland.

The news follows on from the launch of its decade long Wellbeing Plan, announced in 2021, that pledged to improve its food and invest in helping people make better choices.

Salt is used in cereal not only to add flavour, but also to enhance other ingredients so even the slightest recipe change can make a difference to taste.

Kellogg’s team of food and sensory experts used techniques that take into consideration how people’s taste buds react to flavours to change the recipe, reducing the amount of salt but managing to keep the flavour the same.

Over 10 new recipes were created to find the right one that kept the famous Special K taste that people love. When the new recipe was tested with Special K fans, 59% preferred the new recipe.

New equipment was added to the Special K production process in Kellogg’s factory in Wrexham, North Wales to enable the manufacturer to produce the new recipe food.

Catherine Logan, Kellogg UKI wellbeing lead said: “We are committed to making the best quality food and helping people make better choices in the morning. It has taken Kellogg’s food developers 12 months to reformulate the much-loved Special K cereal to include less salt but keeping the same iconic taste.”



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