Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home 2023: Numbers 20 – 39

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2 August 2023

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20. Fairy

21. Nescafé

22. McVitie’s

Innovative launches such as Blissfuls and Jonuts (pictured) have contributed to McVitie’s strong performance

With over 180 years of baking expertise, McVitie’s has been a favourite for Irish families for generations. 2022 was a stellar year for the brand with innovative launches such as Blissfuls and Jonuts (pictured) contributing to a strong performance by driving McVitie’s presence in the key indulgent and youthful snacking demand spaces.

Such category-focused innovation alongside a host of store cupboard staples such as McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives, Hobnobs and Jaffa Cakes has proven a recipe for success for the brand in fuelling it’s positioning at number 22 in this year’s list. Exciting consumer communication, a strong innovation pipeline and strong collaborative customer support plans means the brand is sure to feature in the top list into 2023 and beyond.


23. Stafford’s

Step into the world of Stafford’s Bakeries, where excellence is baked into every creation. For over six decades, Stafford’s Bakeries has been a cornerstone of the Gorey community, evolving from a small bakery to a state-of-the-art establishment in Co Wexford. As a family-owned business spanning three generations, it holds dear the traditions that have made Stafford’s a household name.

At Stafford’s Bakeries, three major ranges stand as a testament to its commitment to quality and taste. The bread selection, crafted with passion and expertise, is the heart and soul of its bakery. From classic Farmhouse Soda to our Chia Cobs, Stafford’s prioritizes using the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques to deliver bread that embodies the essence of tradition. Consumers can indulge their senses with confectionery and fresh cream offerings, where craftsmanship and creativity converge. From heavenly cakes, like its Luxury Chocolate Gateau and beautifully Iced Fancies, to our Fresh Cream delights, including Black Forest Gateau and Fresh Fruit & Cream Pavlovas, Stafford’s Bakeries elevates every occasion with an irresistible sweetness and exquisite flavour.

Stafford’s prioritizes using the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques to deliver bread and confectionery that embodies the essence of tradition

But the brand’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Stafford’s Bakeries’ frozen bread range is a game-changer for customers seeking convenience without compromising on taste. Its part-baked and frozen bread, ranging from French Demi Baguettes to its beloved Sourdough Cobs, allows everyone to enjoy the warmth and aroma of freshly baked bread at any time. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking a taste of excellence 365 days a year. Celebrate the artistry of baking and savour the exceptional flavours that define Stafford’s Bakeries.

Whether consumers are craving the comforting familiarity of its bread, the indulgence of its confectionery and fresh cream treats, or the convenience of its frozen bread range, Stafford’s Bakeries invites everyone to experience the essence of its craftsmanship. Look for Stafford’s Bakeries products in stores nationwide and discover a world where passion and flavour unite to create unforgettable experiences.

24. Pat The Baker

25. Alpro

Always the champion of the plant, Alpro turns good things into delicious products to eat, drink and enjoy

For 40 years, Alpro has been leading the food revolution making plant-based a positive choice for the planet and its people.

Moving up two places to number 25 in the 2023 Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home report, Alpro has always been the champion of the plant, turning good things into delicious products to eat, drink and enjoy.

This year, Alpro has also upgraded its packaging with clearly identifiable ingredients on pack, boosting with benefits, it’s hard to miss the one for you. So, whether your shopper is a Nutty Almond, a Creamy Oat or a No Sugars Soy fan, Alpro is dedicated to great taste and to all its customers. Alpro is also going bold on its plant-based alternative to yogurt offering with the core fruit front and centre allowing consumers to add a Cherry to their breakfast or snack, a Peach mid-morning and end their day with a Blueberry boosted treat.

Here’s to the plant-based future with even more irresistibly tasty foods!

26. Keogh’s

Keogh’s attributes its success to its passion for high quality Irish produce and innovation

In the last 12 months, Keoghs Crisps has experienced considerable growth across its range of premium snacks; Straight Cut Crisps, Crinkle Cut Crisps and Popcorn. Keoghs w delighted to rise 10 positions in the Kantar 100 Master Brands at Home report and are now proudly ranked at number 26.

Keoghs Crinkle Cut Crisps are now Ireland’s fastest growing premium crips range and due to popular demand, this range has expanded to include new flavour ‘Sea Salt from the Irish Atlantic’ launched in July 2023.

Keogh’s attributes its success and growth to its passion for high quality Irish produce and its innovation through unique and distinctive flavour profiles. The Keogh family works with local and Irish producers who provide the ingredients for their award-winning seasonings.

In 2023, Keoghs partnered with one of Ireland’s leading distilleries, Teelings to launch a limited-edition flavour’ Smoked Barbeque and Irish Whiskey’ which has proved to be a major hit with crisp lovers and curious tasters alike.

Keoghs airline business has also seen major growth this year with Keoghs most loved flavours available worldwide on many international airlines such as Ryanair, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Eurowings and most recently Delta Airlines.

Keoghs founder, Tom Keogh is nominated for the 2023 EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023  Award which is testament to both the national and international Growth of Keoghs Crisps under his leadership over the last decade.

To learn more about Keoghs Crisps and see the brand’s wide range of unique flavours and products, visit www.keoghs.ie.

27. Keeling

28. KitKat

The KitKat range is made using 100% certified sustainable cocoa

KitKat, Nestlé Ireland’s number one confectionery brand advanced seven places in last year’s ranking and has repeated that success by accelerating a further seven places this year. Year-to-date (YTD) sales growth for KitKat has been strong across all key formats. Within chocolate singles, KitKat continues to see increased demand for its Duo format and through flavour variants such at KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter which is set to continue with the launch of an exciting new Chunky flavour next month. Meanwhile, those seeing a plant-based break can now enjoy a 4-Finger KitKat Vegan, made with a rice-based milk alternative to create an indulgent tasting vegan chocolate and crispy wafer combo. In the last year, KitKat has also launched industry leading packaging innovation through the move to recycled and recyclable packaging across its 2-Finger range.

The entire KitKat range is made using 100% certified sustainable cocoa, sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan in conjunction with Rainforest Alliance and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

29. Green Isle

Made from 100% fruit, Green Isle Fruit Snacks help people to eat well without any hassle

As one of Ireland’s leading food brands, Green Isle has been putting good, nutritious food on Irish dinner tables since 1959. The brand has a long history of making healthy eating accessible and sustainable for consumers in Ireland.  From the classic side dishes of garden peas, to flavorsome stir-fry mixes, to the more modern tastes of cauliflower rice, Green Isle makes it easy to eat well. Growing up with Irish families and helping discover new tastes, the Green Isle range of frozen fruit and vegetables has something for everyone to enjoy.

New Green Isle Fruit Snacks are superior quality fruits that are perfect for lunchboxes, a healthy treat or on-the-go snacking. Made from 100% fruit, Green Isle Fruit Snacks help people eat well without adding to the “to do” list.

Ideal for anyone that is focusing on making healthy snacking choices, each bag contains three easy-to-open snack packs and are one of an individual’s five-a-day. Shoppers can choose from juicy mandarin segments or melon chunks. These carefully selected superior quality fruits are picked at their peak and frozen at their freshest. New advanced freezing technology ensures that the superior quality, taste and texture of its prepared fruits are all locked in, delivering a wonderful product with no food waste – just amazing ready-to-eat fruit when needed. Watch out for new varieties in-store later this year.

30. 7UP

The new design retains 7UP’s iconic signature green and elevates it with the addition of fresh and zesty citrus tones

It’s going to be a big summer for 7UP, as one of Ireland’s most-loved* brands prepares to follow UP on the recent launch of its ‘Upliftment’ brand platform with a brand new look and packaging rolling out in market this June, along with a fresh new name for 7UP Free – 7UP Zero Sugar.

An uplifting brand refresh

7UP believes that moments of upliftment are all around us. The brand’s new visual identity system was designed with this belief in mind and the new look captures the essence of upliftment with eye-catching success.

7UP’s new look captures the essence of ‘upliftment’ with eye-catching success

The design retains 7UP’s iconic signature green and elevates it with the addition of fresh and zesty citrus tones. Along with a large number seven, and the use of a striking block shadow, the new look has a vibrant, uplifting energy which feels as refreshing as 7UP itself. A new brand sign off, ‘Taste That Lifts You UP’, will keep taste top of mind as consumers are introduced to the brand’s new look and feel.

In addition to a new visual identity system across the 7UP brand, 7UP Free is set to become 7UP Zero Sugar. The combination of a fresh new design and the clarity of “Zero Sugar” will allow the brand to more clearly communicate the drink’s core appeal.

The brand refresh will appear across 7UP and 7UP Zero Sugar bottles, cans and multipacks from June 2023. Kicking off with its summer campaign, Summer’s UP, rolling out across out-of-home (OOH), digital, social and events.

*(Source: Nielsen Top 100, 2022)

31. Dairygold

Dairygold has been a staple in Irish hearts and fridges for over 35 years. Traditionally made using natural ingredients it’s perfectly churned to create the deliciously creamy, Dairygold taste.

2022 saw the deliciously creamy taste of Dairygold launch into plant-based. Check out the Dairygold plant-based range which consists of Plant Based Spread, Plant Based B*tter, Plant Based Grated and Plant Based Slices available in stores nationwide.

32. Clonakilty

33. MiWadi

MiWadi is fortified with Vitamin D for a little sunshine in every drop!

MiWadi is a truly iconic Irish brand and continues to grow from strength to strength in the marketplace. From humble beginnings in 1927 MiWadi has been a fruity and flavoursome part of childhood in Ireland for 94 years and has always remained relevant to Irish families with a wide range of flavours in its Regular, No Added Sugar, 0% Sugar and Drops ranges. MiWadi is still produced in Dublin to this day and is a proud member of Love Irish Food.

Both MiWadi single concentrate and double concentrate ranges are now fortified with Vitamin D which supports families’ immune systems*.

Vitamin D is very important in our diet to help support every family’s general health, growth and development but it can be difficult to achieve the recommended daily intake of 5 µg. It has been reported that Vitamin D deficiency is very prevalent in Ireland**.

MiWadi makes the water that everyone needs to drink each day extra delicious and refreshing. To enjoy all the thirst-quenching tastiness of MiWadi at its best, just add water.

MiWadi continues to grow year-on-year maintaining its number one position in the squash category***.

*(Excludes MiWadi Regular Blackcurrant 1L)

**(Source: Department of Health Article Reporting on Vitamin D Deficiency in Ireland, April 2020)

***(Source: Nielsen Value Share MAT Total Squash Category June 2023)

(Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and maintenance of normal bones and teeth.)

34. McCambridge

35. Colgate

36. Flahavans

More than 3 million portions of Flahavan’s porridge are consumed each week in Ireland

Market leader in the hot oats* category and number 36 in Kantar’s 100 Master Brands at Home ranking, Flahavan’s is anything but run of the mill. With more than 3 million portions of its porridge consumed each week in Ireland and with >53% market share (value) in 2022, it’s clear that this 200-year-old family food business continues to hold a special place in the hearts, and kitchen cupboards, of consumers across the country.

With traditional milling expertise handed down through seven generations, and a longstanding commitment to local sourcing, Flahavan’s is well-known for the distinctive creamy taste and texture of its world-class wholegrain porridge oats. A brand built on trust – the consistent quality and nourishing goodness of its oat-based product range appeals to a large and growing cohort of health-conscious consumers seeking simple, natural breakfast solutions.

A proud member of Love Irish Food, Flahavan’s is also a Gold Status Member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme

Over the past two decades, Flahavan’s has been at the forefront of driving a dramatic change in the way consumers think about oat-based foods and their compelling health benefits. By putting the consumer at the heart of its new product development and innovation, the company has expanded into other categories with considerable success. Its Irish Oaty Flapjacks range continues to perform strongly in the highly competitive snacking category, with the recent addition of new Mini Flapjacks (100kcal per portion) expanding its appeal beyond school lunchboxes. Flahavan’s Oat Drinks range has quickly gained ground within the plant-based drinks category, elevating the brand’s reach and relevance for younger consumers. With the addition of its “porridge with added benefits” range in 2022, the company continues to respond to the growing interest in food products with enhanced health credentials to help consumers navigate the demands of their busy lifestyles. The new functional range, which includes High Protein, High Fibre and Immunity Boost variants, is available in pot and sachet formats to optimise convenience for younger and active audiences.

Flahavan’s range includes more than 50 different oat-based products including Progress Oatlets, Organic Porridge Oats as well as Jumbo, Gluten Free, Quick Oats and Super Oats in the Hot Oats category. Its other ranges include Overnight Oats, Hi8 Muesli, Granola, Irish Oaty Flapjacks and Oat Drinks in Barista, Vitamin Rich and Organic variants.

Flahavan’s is a proud member of Love Irish Food and is a Gold Status Member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme.

*(Source: Kantar Data – 52 Weeks to 25 Dec 2022)

37. Goodfella’s






38. Aero

Aero recently launched Aero Melts, a sharing bag of delicious discs of light and bubbly chocolate indulgence

Aero continues to climb the brand rankings moving six places higher this year. Renowned for its unique bubbly texture, this much-loved brand added Aero Golden Honeycomb, an indulgent sharing block and also available in a chocolate sharing bag format to its range earlier this year.  Demand has also continued for Aero Melts, a recently launched sharing bag of delicious discs of light and bubbly chocolate indulgence. Within chocolate singles, a white chocolate variant of Aero was available as a limited period offering. An upweighted advertising campaign over the coming months is set to ensure that demand for Aero continues.



39. Lucozade



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