Irish premium cookie dough company rolled out for retailers

Image: Hot Chip Dublin

Hot Chip Dublin's  handmade cookie dough comes wrapped in baking paper, making it easy to chop and bake straight from the fridge


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13 September 2021

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Hot Chip Dublin produces cookie dough rolls for retail and cookie dough balls for cafes and grocery stores to bake fresh in store. Established in September 2020, the brand has already done collaborations with Ben & Jerrys, Base Pizza, BMW, Vodaphone, and TikTok.

Its biggest selling flavour Mixed Chocolate is infused with Belgian dark and milk chocolate. Other flavours include White Belgian Chocolate, S’mores and its new 100% plant based Vegan cookie dough. The company recently collaborated with Avoca to produce an exclusive Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Sea salt flavour cookie dough.

Hot Chip Dublin’s cookie dough comes wrapped in baking paper, making it easy to chop and bake straight from the fridge. Made with no additives, preservatives or stabilisers, Hot Chip Dublin uses high quality ingredients such as Irish butter and Belgian Chocolate chips in its cookie dough. The brand offers 500g cookie dough rolls for retail.

“My goal was to introduce a gourmet cookie dough to the Irish market which is made using the highest  quality ingredients, which is big on flavour and which is distinctive in terms of look, taste  and texture,” said founder Dave McSharry, who established the brand in September 2020. “The idea came to me after I moved home from Australia after living there for three years. I wanted to bring the Irish gourmet cookie offering to a level that was on par or better than what was on offer in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, and London. Ireland is often slightly behind these cities in terms of food trends, and I hadn’t seen a high-end cookie brand come to the fore in Ireland when I arrived home in 2020.

“Gourmet donuts and cupcakes had been all the rage for several years, but I could see the trend moving towards luxury cookies and there was no high-end, speciality cookie brand in Ireland… “With so many people working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, I strongly felt that there would be demand for a product that makes at home baking as easy and convenient as possible. Our dough rolls come with baking parchment and clear instructions so consumers can easily make high quality cookies at home for their family and friends.”

Hot Chip Dublin’s products are stocked in over 40 locations across Ireland including Avoca, Fallon & Byrne, Mortons, Lotts & co, Wilde and Green as well McCambridge’s and Joyce’s in Galway. All Hot Chip products are handmade in Dublin.



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