Irish consumers feeling the pressure for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas can be just too much for some
Preparing for Christmas can be just too much for some

A new survey by Tesco Ireland has revealed some fascinating insights into the Christmas season and Irish consumers' preparation for it



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27 October 2016 | 0

A new survey by Tesco Ireland has found that a majority of Irish consumers move into “Christmas mode” earlier than ever, but that despite this organisation, more than one third (36%) still find preparing for the festive season an overwhelming and stressful task.

Once the Halloween period is over, Christmas plans go into overdrive, according to the report, with half of Irish adults in Christmas spirits by November. This includes the very well-prepared 11% who begin planning for Christmas as soon as the kids are back in school in September! Not everyone is this fastidious though, with one in ten admitting they leave everything until the last minute.

Irish men, unsurprisingly, are far more likely than women to still be at the “list-making” stage on 1st December.

Some other interesting revelations from the survey:

  • 70% aim for a balance of the traditional and modern in their approach.
  • Over one-fifth of Irish adults remark that as Christmas is a nostalgic time they try to replicate the Christmases of their childhood.
  • Just over one-third of adults claim to use a mix of pre-prepared and fresh items to save time, while a similar proportion prepare all their items in advance


With the help of Celebrity Masterchef winner Christine Delaney, Tesco has put together a list of tips to help reduce the stress this Christmas; to learn more visit

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