HelloFresh, the world’s leading recipe box company, launches in Ireland

Irish office will be in Dublin along with the distribution centre where all recipe boxes for Irish customers will be produced



18 October 2022

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HelloFresh, the world’s leading recipe box company, launched in Ireland this week on Monday, 17 October.

HelloFresh says it offers “a convenient alternative to buying food at the supermarket by delivering pre-portioned, locally sourced ingredients and an inspiring variety of recipes direct to doorsteps nationwide on a weekly basis”.

The company adds that it has carried out detailed research with Irish customers to understand their food preferences, resulting in a high quality menu that will provide varied options for all tastes.

HelloFresh is investing in Ireland by operating a local supply chain along with sourcing ingredients from local suppliers and farmers. A distribution centre will operate close to Dublin where recipe boxes will be shipped to Irish customers. By operating in a country like Ireland that is rich in quality ingredients, HelloFresh says it endeavours to work with suppliers to produce the best menus possible for the Irish market.

The company has also said that it carefully selects its Irish suppliers, favouring producers and farmers who use sustainable practices, respecting animals, marine resources and ecosystems. From the outset, HelloFresh will provide 100% Irish raised beef and chicken from farmers that comply with all regulatory standards along with Irish dairy products in key ingredient offerings.

Additionally, HelloFresh, using its global know-how, harnesses data and technology to continuously understand its customers and create the best meals possible based on their feedback and analysis through data. Combining this global knowledge with powerful local expertise, HelloFresh brings a unique value proposition to the Irish market.

“Our aim is to combine HelloFresh’s global expertise in the recipe box sector with Ireland’s quality local food produce, delivering standout, convenient and delicious meals to our Irish customers,” said CEO Philip Doran.

“We know from our in-depth research, Irish people’s shopping and cooking habits have profoundly changed over the last few years. Irish people like to cook quality meals and discover new recipes but we’re also busy people who are short on time. HelloFresh will offer Ireland a handy and tasty alternative to shopping at the supermarket.”

“We aim to revolutionise the way people eat and cook in Ireland in a cost effective, sustainable way,” he added. “We want to radically innovate the traditional food system, creating an eco-friendly business model and quality local supply chain that links the producer directly to the customer. We see Ireland as the perfect place to do this and we look forward to growing the sector over the coming months and years.”

Founded in Berlin in November 2011 and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since November 2017, HelloFresh’s launch in Ireland marks a step in the company’s global growth strategy as the company is now operating in 18 different markets on four continents.

The Irish launch is one of three market launches planned this year. Counting more than 22,000 employees worldwide, in 2021, HelloFresh delivered almost one billion meals reaching a turnover of almost €6 billion.

To date, HelloFresh offers a range of more than 10,000 different recipes to people worldwide. In Ireland, customers can choose from five preferences (Calorie Smart, Quick Cook, Veggie, Classic and Family) for two or four people.

For more information, visit www.hellofreshgroup.com; IG @HelloFresh.ie and FB @HelloFresh.Ireland.



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