Government will review supports to assist shops: Minister English tells RGDATA delegation

Retail Minister Damien English

Minister heard a frank account of the challenges threatening the viability of local food retailers



2 November 2022

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An RGDATA delegation led by president Colin Fee and director general, Tara Buckley recently gave Retail Minister Damien English a frank account of the challenges threatening the viability of local food retailers.

The delegation which included RGDATA directors Annie Timothy, Rachel Twomey and Padraig Broderick highlighted energy costs, employment costs, commercial rates and revaluations, insurance costs and fears about how they will fund new government initiatives like sick pay when local shops are losing money.

Seperately, RGDATA has called for a full review of the impact of  the Living Wage on independent food to be conducted. RGDATA director general, Tara Buckley told a sub group of the retail forum that a full review of the cost and the impact on employment and staff hours for all staff in the retail sector must be done before phased introduction of any wage hikes.

Further acting on the behalf of independent retailers, RGDATA director Rachel Twomey attended a breakfast meeting with Finance Minister Pascal Donoghue and told him that small indigenous business must be listened to when government is making policy decisions.



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